Pius in Panties

I’m 57 male and I volunteer at my Catholic church thrift shop. One day I was sorting clothes dropped off by a Parishiner I knew. As I went through the box I came across a few pairs of panties. Since I knew the family I realized these panties belonged to the women’s teen daughter Kimberly that recently left for college. Very cute, very sexy. I pocketed the panties and brought them home. I live alone as my wife died a number of years ago. At first I sniffed and inhaled these incredible treats. Kimberly smelled even better than she looked. Her swollen ripe scent was infused into the fabric. Spectacular.

But just sniffing them wasn’t enough. I needed to wear them. I’ve always needed to. When I put them on it was like I’d arrived at a destination I’d always been seeking. They made me feel naughty and feminine and sexy. Now I wear panties all the time. They became a gateway to my homosexual desires. Like some master key that unlocked my needs and urges. I started picking up men online and at bars and sucking them off. And other things. I’ve been with a lot of guys now.

I still volunteer at the church, but I find my panties elsewhere, like at the laundromat. I suck cock in them Saturday night and wear them to church Sunday morning. My fellow parishioners still think I’m the sanctimonious milk toast I was when my wife was alive. They have no idea I’m a panty wearing cocksucker. Except the priest….he knows because I include it in my confession. Lol. Now he and I suck each other’s cock weekly.

Mar 3

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    • Lol, gays, sissies, panty bois, cross dressers and drag queens. You guys are too funny

    • Catholic life at its finest. Bunch of horny old men sucking clocks.

    • And cocks!

    • Do you ever lick asshole ?

    • Of course. That’s usually my appetizer, then cocksucking is the meal.

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