My sister said her boyfriend & I both smelled like sex!

I was at my little sister's apt for her big party. She needed some more snacks and drinks - I offered to bring some from my nearby apt.
Her boyfriend, who had been hitting on me for a year, offered to help me carry things.
At my apt., we've both been drinking.....he pushed me against my fridge and started touching me up and down - saying that I should try a younger man and quit dating all those "old fuckers"! (I like older men - men my Dad's age!)
Specifically he said something to the effect that he "has something that will make you forget all about those old guys! I have it right here in my pants, Kathie!"....and he put my hand in his crotch. Yeah - he had a boner. I squeezed it - nice - but, you know, I've had not ell him that! As he's sticking his tongue down my throat and squeezing the hell out of my ass.
He keeps talking and strips me. Blouse, bra, sucking on me, short-shorts off, panties pooled around my feet.
He gets himself out - I have to squat a little - he's shorter than me. He hooks an arm under me leg - lifts it and spreads me.....and bingo! he's inside of me. We're standing and fucking. Not my fav position, facing away with me bent over would be a lot better. But it's his party, so to speak.... He thinks he's doing great.
I'm wet, and kissing him back - hard - and digging my nails into his bare little ass! I like sex - him not so much.
He's telling me how great his dick is - how I'm forgetting all "those old fuckers" now that I'm enjoying his special meat in he humps me like a horny dog!
OK, I cum - I cum easily. I'm a healthy girl!
He shoots his cream up into me......and plops out of I drip.
I go for a wet paper towel and clean my thighs and puss off. I don't care what he's doing. Not my job.
We head back to my little sister's party.
She meets us in her kitchen - takes one look at us - steps close,....and says, "you two smell like sex!"
Damn!....I didn't know you could smell it on people! Who knew?!
I thought this is going to take years for her to forgive me.
It's been years - and she still gives me looks.....she didn't forget or forgive.
She dumped him shortly after that night - he was making moves on our other sister!

Mar 3

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    • WHORE

    • Well, at least you got to cum.
      Some sex is better than no sex a lot of times.
      We've all been there honey. They're not all Brad Pitt!

    • I fucked both of my wife’s little sisters. I’m twelve years older than my wife and she’s seven years older than her younger sister. She has a brother two years younger than her. I guess her sisters like older men too. Then I found out her younger brother had fucked all his sisters including my wife and had been for a couple of years. Go figure!

    • How old were they when you fucked them?

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