There pussys must taste so good

By buddy from school has these twins,that are doing alot of sexual firsts,I have been massaging these two since they were two they have the most beautiful asses I have seen both of there pussys and they are the prettiest I've ever seen they are perfect skinny with beautiful faces ever since they were little I knew Tori was gonna be a great cock sucker because of the way she drank this sparking cider once as a kiddo,she was bobbing eating the foam like the bottle was a cock and the foam was cumthen cums the night I allowed her to burger boyfriend over she and he went to the bath room and I was down stairs listening when all I could here was her little pretty mouth getting fucked I stepped outside to jack off really quick this journey beauty was sucking cock for the first time gawd it was so hot in and out fast and hard till she gagged which is when he must have cued I'm hearing him stick it in her sheakes a sound like uughh,thump thump thump so hot so then her sister Taylor shows me a hickey on her breast and after a weekend I ask did she finally get some sheson her bed with two hands jacking up an down like this cock is long and she bobs her head up and down to simulate sucking cockso my baby's are both sexually active but here comes the best part thatem guys are black with real big cocksy dick got rock hard knowing that Tori was bobbing til she gagged on a black cock ,and Taylor cums to find out her first is black also so when she was simulating jacking that cock it was black and I'm sure she sucked him dry it gets me real hard picturing that cocks breaking them in and I love it and both of them so happy they went black at the begining these girls love big cocks I love them cumming

Mar 3


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    • You need serious grammar lessons. WTF?

    • Maybe he will get it in jail! POS!

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