Zero the Dog

As I was to be on a long vacation from next Saturday, I joined my friend Liz to her place last evening. I was greeted by her and her Lab dog, Zero, at the entrance of her home. I could not sleep properly in a new place. At about mid-night I heard some muffled noise from the next room. I got up and went out to see whether Liz is ok. The door was half closed and I could see the huge penis emerged from Zero’s furry sheath, it was massive. Liz was lying on her back naked at the edge of her bed. I tried to see closer. Liz’s eyes were closed and her breath got heavier, nipples hard ... thighs wide spread. I was getting aroused as I watched her ass lift and squirm to get into position for the dog cock. She drew the torso of Zero towards her, his cock almost parallel to her pussy.

I am into dog-sex for many years but watching someone being fucked by a dog was too erotic and I could not move from her door and pushed a bit more for a good view. Now from where I stood I could see the huge cock entering Liz’s pussy as she adjusted his entry by her hand. Zero missed her wet snatch until he found its mark. Liz moaned with desire squirming backwards onto the huge pole as it slowly sank into her amazingly beautiful shaved pussy. Zero continued to drive his enormous cock into her and pressed forward. Liz’s body continued to push back, her ass moving invitingly beneath. Zero quickened the pace of his thrusting and then, suddenly, didn’t move for a few seconds before thrusting forward deeper.

I could feel my panties becoming drenched, my breathing was getting shallow and boobs felt heavier nips hard and ached beneath the confines of my bra. My hand instantly moved to my pussy and another massaging my boobs. Now I wished I could participate with her!!

Zero quickening his tempo, not bothering to pause, as if his only thought was to smash his bitch’s pussy.
And so Liz’s ass lifted, pressing backwards for more, she was being fucked deep - deeper. It was the sexiest, horniest thing I had ever seen or could possibly imagine.

“Oh yah, Fuck!” Liz screamed, pressing back into each thrust, she was about nearing orgasm. Liz brought one hand to hold a hind leg of Zero so that he could not leave her pussy so soon. I watched in owe as the red-glistening knot near the base of Zero’s cock came out slowly. With each powerful thrust the ball parted Liz’s juice flowing pussy lips further. Zero must have sensed the time was right and thrust forward with all his might, plunging the huge knot into Liz’s hole as she groaned in pain or pleasure!

Liz shuddered, started trembling all of her body and bucked beneath her lover and deep moaning of ecstasy filled the room as wave after wave of orgasm seemed to shake her body. Zero pushed as far in as he could and held that position for some time, without moving anymore. What I saw was astounding - I could see his knot was trying to slip out. A flood of juices seemed to explode out of Liz’s pussy, down her quivering slit. Panting hard, Liz looked at me side away dazed but kept quiet. I moved towards her as Zero released her and got down of her.

OMG! Zero fucked me - Liz whispered as if in a dream, moving towards the bed. I told her that it was the sexiest, horniest thing I had ever seen in my life. Liz reached out for a hand towel nearby to wipe off the gushing juices from her pussy. Zero wasn’t just good, he was incredible! She was trying to reassure me as she tried to slow her breathing.

Wish I could be the next bitch of Zero, I said laughing to Liz. Well, he needs an hour or so before he can do that again… Liz laughed! And she kissed on my mouth. Liz moaned contentedly and rolled over onto her side, her fingers still playing with her engorged nipples. I hugged her and held her tight for some time.

After several minutes I felt Liz pull on the sleeve of my blouse. She pushed herself up with her arms undoing the buttons of my blouse revealing my C-cup breasts with rock hard nipples. Her fingers gently played with my breasts and nips. Both naked, she leaned towards my face and our mouths met, tongues dancing in lust-filled urge. I too felt her incredible breasts. I felt her hands move around my pussy, and she moved down to find my wet pussy until she was kissing my newly shaved mound. I turned around assuming 69-position to kiss Liz’s pussy – I on the top. I kissed the engorged pussy of Liz, the slit was too slippery. It did smell strange. By this time she was sucking on my throbbing clit. On the other hand, the taste of Liz’s pussy juice mixed Zero’s cum entered my mouth. We kissed and sucked each other’s pussy and we both responded too well. We both exploded into orgasm almost simultaneously! We both were sweating and breathing in shallow gasps.

Suddenly, a rough tongue passed over my raised ass cheek, and then over my pussy. Panic filled in me, but Liz’s hand reached out to me comfortingly as she moved off me. I felt my body respond and spread my legs a little bit, ass still high in the air. I felt Zero jumped up onto my buttock, his silky fur slid up my ass cheek and his front legs moved to either side of my waist.

Liz assured me to be quiet saying his cock is huge and you’re going to love it! I looked to the side at her who was holding Zero in place, petting him to guide the cock to my pussy. The hot member kept pressure now on my pussy, insistent, unyielding. I felt my pussy slit expanding and I almost screamed out as he penetrated successfully the entrance of my cunt.

Pain erupted in my cunt as I felt the dog’s massive cock head pop past my hole. I was helpless to stop it. I whimpered pleadingly as the thick cock started to slide in deeper and further inside. My pussy muscles involuntarily relaxed and the pain eased off turning into ‘newly-found’ pleasure. I thought to be torn in half as his knot slipped into my cunt slowly, but relaxing seem to allow my body to adjust a lot, the fullness of his knot was fully into me now! My body was on fire, my breasts felt too heavy, I was sweating profusely, and I moaned in pleasure. Zero started to quicken his strokes in quick succession as a series of orgasms rushed through all over my body, each time more intense than earlier ones… I closed my eyes to enjoy the whole deeper feelings. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the biggest orgasm of crashed through my whole body – voluptuous and ugly, spurts of pees ejected out of me with every bout of climax, as a series of hot cum ejected deep into my cunt as if almost burning the neck of my cervix. His must be 11” long with the knot in!!

About a half an hour passed by now – Zero was starting to pull back. I opened my eyes slowly, my body was exhausted and sore, especially my pussy. My abdomen was also aching a bit! Gushes of his cum flowed out, a lighter and much hotter than man’s …

Liz asked whether I am ok!! I’m great! I reported. And I moaned and breathed as I thought myself - I should have tried it a long time ago in presence of her!

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    • Did you share the dog with your friend again

    • I love fucking my wife after our Great Dane has fucked her, her pussy is so hot with his cum, if feels great

    • My wife lets our boxer female lick her and I find it very hot. I love jerking off to it. I have fingered her and am working her up to take my cock. I can't wait to feel her gripping dog pussy around my cock.

    • That was one of the hottest things I’ve read in a long time. Thank you. I’m and one of my first sexual memories was watching my mom and 8 year old sister play with our Shepherd. I would love to share the details if you’re interested.

    • Fuck am rubbing my cunt so good to this rn thank u

    • Me too... I'm dripping and clit throbbing

    • Well written. Great descriptions.

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