When I was 8 I stole my mom’s vibrator.

When I was around 8 and I was watching my mom’s boyfriend play battlefield, and in battlefield you can have your own custom name tags. Once he died a custom name tag popped up and it said “PornHub” right when it popped up my mother covered my eyes so I got curious and looked it up. I clicked on the link and of course saw sex tapes on there, I walked in on my mom and her boyfriend once before but never really understood. I watched a few videos and came to one where a woman was using a hitachi wand and squirted everywhere. I never really explored that area so I found out what made me feel good and started poking around my mothers room after she went to work. In her panties drawer at the very back there was something called a “Magic Wand” which is basically the same thing to a hitachi but fully black. I plugged it into the outlet and put it to my pussy like the girl in the video did, it took not but a few seconds until I started squirting everywhere, I didn’t really know that was gonna happen, I got really sensitive really quickly and took it off of my pussy. The next day I did it again but put a small towel down this time. Yet again I kept squirting and used it everyday when she would go to work. Eventually I discovered omegle and would share with people on there. It kept happening up until I was 14 and bought myself one. But just for the thrill I would go into my mom’s room from time to time and use her vibrator and cum multiple times laying on her bed when nobody was home. I’ve never told anybody about this.

Mar 3


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    • Wow!

    • Didn't we all! I kept that thing up my ass every chance I got. Got one at a flea market (new) at 12. Fucking pervy sales dude wanted to show me how to use it. I was like, this is for my girlfriend asshole. Snuck it home and fucked my ass often as I could! I love getting pegged now!

    • My wife bought our daughter her first vibrator when she turned 12.

    • How old are you now?

    • The image of you enjoying a vibrator and and having young curious orgasms is so sexy.

    • That's beautiful. I am a male and when I was young I found my mom's toys I used her vibrator and she had a bullet vibrator I would use on my ass.I loved how it would make me feel and get so hard. Let me know if you want to talk we can email or something.

    • I like shoving things up my asshole while jacking off

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