Lost Butt Plug

I was out of town and as I do when alone and out of town, I do things to myself that I normally wouldn't do! This time I typed in the GPS to find an adult store to find something to play with. I went to the first one and it was more of a retail store with lots of business. I left and searched for another place. About 3 mile away was another seedly looking store. I went in and the chick working was cute but dresses in leather, like BSDM stuff, a little older, hell om 55! I had plans on getting a buttplug and lube to take back to my hotel room for some self pleasure. The lady asked what I was looking for and as shy as I was I told her what i wanted. I've never been this uncomfortable in my life and she sensed it too. She made me feel at home and asked my level of backdoor play. I told her a few fingers feom a girlfriend, but by no means an expert. She walked me over to a selection and recommended one. She then asked if I'd like to try it out there. I asked, so what if I don't like it, she said, it's not an issue honey, you will. She led me to the dressing room in the back and told me there's lube in there. Use plenty and see how it feels. Well I went in, lubed it up and inserted it. My God it felt so good! So what did my dumb ass do? Exactly what any man would do and started jacking off. I was getting close to cumning and clenched my ass cheeks really hard, right as I came I felt my ass suck this damn buttplug right up insude my ass. So imagine, in a dressing room, covered in cum and a buttplug up my asshole and not knowinf what to. Next think you know, the sales lady knocks on the door and asks, is everything ok sweetie? I was mortified but not sure what to do. I said, ma'am, I have a problem. She asked what and I explained. She then opened the door and put me at ease saying, it's gonna be ok and she will help me get it out. She left and got some long leather gloves, locked the front door to the shop and came back to me. She had me get down on all fours and began massaging my asshole with one hand and my taint with the other. God this was so embarrassing but felt so good what she was doing. I felt her stick one finger in my ass, then two, then 3 as she worked my asshole to dilate. Not gonna lie, I got hard as a rock again. She snickered and said, somebody sure likes this don't he? She worked the tips of her fingers in and said, I feel it, I'm going to go deeper so I can remove it. She kept working and somehow my asshole gave way and she stuck her hand in me, I felt her playing, then she pulled her hand out and out came the buttplug. She asked if I was done or if I wanted to cum again. I'd never done anything like this but I swear to God I've never felt anything better. I asked her if she could finish me and she said, sure. She then put her fingers back in me and rubbed my prostate. She did this while touching my dick and I came like crazy! She took the cum and rubbed it all over me and said, you're a dirty little boy, let me go get you something to clean up! She returned and as I was cleaning up and said that got her pretty horny and asked if I minded her cumming. There was no way I wasn't being part of this if she'd let me. I helped her remove her leather panties and started eating her pussy for her. I got hard as a rock again amd kept on eating her until she came. She then said, honey I have a surprise for you. She went to the back room and came back out wearing a pretty large strapon. Did I mention I was pretty novice with anal play. She lubed me up and the strapon amd put it in me, she went slow at first but it timuened into her fucking the shit out of me! This felt so good and I swear I felt like I came 10 more times but never fully ejaculated. She finally came while fucking me and reached around and finished me while still inside me. I came so hard but not much there. This was the most intense orgasm I've ever had in my life mind you the many before just today. I began shaking from how good it made me feel. We just laid there in the floor for a while and she said she had to close things up to go home. I had a long day of training the next day as I was in town for a conference. So I cleaned myself up enough to make my way back to the motel. I did pay her for the buttplug and thanked her. She also thanked me as she said normally paying customers pay big $ for this type of sex you lucky boy. I offered to pay her but she refused any money with a promise to visit her again on my next trip into San Antonio. I go back 1 to 2 times a year and always go into visit wearing my buttplug, not shoved inside me though! She refuses to charge me and always says, theirs my special ass man! She always has some fun stuff planned for when I stop in. It's so fun and you'd think we talked often as well as we get along so well! Too bad it can't be something more according to her. She's said as long as it stays like this, we can continue. I guess I'm just her little play toy and she's mine!

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    • My husband loves when I play with his ass with toys. I have a realistic looking big black strapon that's 10 inches long and thick. I love hearing him say how good it feels to him and he Beggs me to fuck him harder and I make sure that he takes every inch of my strapon when I am finished pegging him and I pull out his ass will be gaped open so I get a dildo that's about 8 inches long and I push it as far as I can into his hole with my fingers and I watch as his hole closes and he will get on his back and I will suck his cock and when he cums the dildo is stuck in his ass and it won't come out until he can relax and it will start to slip out of his ass. I also have a buttplug that pumps up inside of his ass and it stays in him until I open up the Valve to release the air sometimes he sleeps with it inside of him all night. It's a good way to keep his hole starched open.

    • Does he ever have issues with the blow up buttplig? I want to try one for a specific time period, like all night. I worry about becoming constipated or causing damage deeper inside my colon. I do wear my metal butt plugs often. I have to roll a dice for which one I wear. I have 6, sizes s, m, lg, xlg, xxlg ND xxxlg. The xxxlg games me for play later at night. I can remove these for BM if needed though. Unlike the inflatable one she controls the pump!

    • Was having some kinky sex with the wife. Had a string of anal beeds in her about 5 were inside her and one left hanging out when she came she suck the last one in with the pull handle. Took me about 5 minutes to get out 4 fingers deep.

    • Hot. Do you fuck her at all?

    • Yea but not that first day. It's more of a submissive thing we do though. She never lets me forget that lost buttplug though amd wlways duslates me like that! I have a June trip planned, cant wait! To much fun!

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