Sex Toy

I got my wife a black dildo and she was shocked when I got it for her.

She then tells me it scared her because it was a big black dildo. Mind you it’s the same size as the white dolor although the black one is a bit thicker.

It turned me on that she told me she could handle it. Can’t wait to see it go inside her.

Mar 1

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    • Mmmmm, nothing like toying a slippery wet horny pussy.

    • I love how loose she feels after

    • I’m only about 5 inches. My wife and I have great sex but I made sure she knew I’m not intimidated or offended if she wanted more size from a toy. She did and now we use a variety of big dildos on her. I love how horny and hot she gets riding them. I also love to strap them on. It’s fun to feel like I have a thick 8 inch dick and can drive her wild with it.

    • Same here! At first the was intimidated but then she took it like a champ.
      Ours is only 6 inches. I wonder if she’ll go for bigger

    • Wife told me one of her boyfriends put a large banana in her - just to see if she could take it. Then he got mad, because she did!

    • Have you done the same to her?

    • I got a black dildonfor my wife and she ended up fucking me with it. About 10 inch long 1-1/4 diameter. Left me gape

    • Sounds awesome!

    • Sounds gay

    • No you sucking a real one or taking one up the ass is gay. Playing in the room with your wife is just some fun kinky shit.

    • You git a long way to go little boy to learn what's gay and not. If a 10 inch man's dick and you catch feelings, that's probably gay. Getting ass fucked by your sexy wife is just fun in the bedroom!

    • So you caught feelings when you got banged by a real dick?

    • I usually use two dildos on my wife, start out with the smaller one and switch to the very big one when she gets to going real good, but watching her taking a real dick is by far better.

    • Hmm that’s sexual

    • That is hot I love watching my wife fuck a big delldo it is so hot to see

    • I have yet to use it on her but I’m excited.

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