Rules for Cock Hunting

Advice from an old experienced bisexual cock hunter.

1. There are STD risks, it’s unavoidable. But oral sex is exponentially less risky than anal sex. If you have anal sex without a condom you may very well get HIV or other very bad stuff, like HPV, herpes, hepatitis, to name a few.

2. Online hookup sites, Craigslist, personals, are very challenging. 85% of participants are playing, teasing, getting their jollies, then jerking off without you. Just know that going in.

3. In person bar or other in-person social networking are real opportunities. You can’t hide like you can online, but the connections are real and you can assess personalities and genuineness so much better.

4. If despite the odds you pursue online connections, learn to profile:
Good = People who share some info, more than a few words per text, email, etc. , demonstrate some degree of education, offer and expect respectful communication, demonstrate patience, are not demanding, follow through with agreements.
Bad- One worders, arrogant demanding self centered assholes, instant pic and stats demanders, impatient, failure to follow through, nervous nellies, endless emails/texts. Drop these types fast.

5. Maintain technology discipline. Keep a burner email, don’t give up personal phone, text. Wife, GF, etc will see it eventually. Guaranteed.

6. Meet on neutral ground briefly first if you are uncomfortable.

7. Avoiding hosting if possible. You risk people knowing where you live and messing with you, family, etc.

8. Avoid drama queens or too sissy, too feminine overly emotionals. They can’t be reasoned with, are illogical, and try to turn no strings sex into dangerous emotional connections.

9. Once someone demonstrates they are unworthy of your time, despite your genuine best and sincere efforts, put them on the AMF program. Adios Mother Fucker.

Good luck. Have fun. Be safe.

Feb 28

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    • I have been disappointed with the online things. So much so, that I just prefer anonymous sex at bookstores/lounges. Hit and miss but very satisfying if you score - no after party either.

    • Last year in the summer I found some of the best cocks to suck is at a random garage sell. Most of the men were married.

    • We have done anal and never will. But we do eat a lot of cum. Most from mature couples .

    • I want to suck a man’s cock and eat his cum

    • Then make it happen. But before you do, just know it will not be a one and done thing. I thought that but once I sucked a man’s hard cock and he ejaculated in my mouth, I was hooked. It was wildly exciting to make a man moan, orgasm and ejaculate, and I just needed more and more cock and cum. Those moments just before ejaculation are the most exciting, when he’s breathing fast, saying “oh fuck I’m gonna cum” and you know it’s about to happen and you taste those pre-cum warning shots. Well, that and the first or second massive contraction and jism load pumping forcefully in as he gasps and moans in ecstasy. I’ve had about 45 guys and still always looking. Some were one time things and some I’ve had scores of times. I’m retired but was a very successful, talented and high paid executive when I was working. Despite that, sucking cock and making a man cum was the only thing that made me feel like I was good at anything, or successful or worthwhile. Cocksucking became like an addiction…a drug of choice. Fuck I love sucking cock and taking a warm load in my mouth.

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