Cocksucker caveat.

I have no desire to hook up with a guy and suck his cock one on one.
But, place a sexy woman in the room whether it’s my wife/girlfriend or his wife/girlfriend and she wants to see it and encourages it, I am a full blown cocksucker! All of a sudden, it’s fun! I’ll bet I’m not the only one! 😮

Feb 26

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    • I realized that a very hot milf who seduced me saying that she would give me access to her whole body for an afternoon, as long as I let her husband watch. She was very sexy and we fucked for over 2 hours, her husband watching us from the corner of their bedroom. I thought he must be impotent until he started walking over, his 8” cock wet with precum swinging as he walks. I thought he wanted his wife to wrap her lips around his cock while I fucked her again. He didn’t, he wanted mine. His wife said that she would tell me what to do. It started with me kissing the swollen head if his cock and after fallowing all her directions, it ended by him holding my head in his vice grip hands and gagging me until he came down my throat. I was more exhausted by that than by ducking his wife. After that she said Look, you’re hard again, that’s a good sign for us, can you fuck me again. So I did!

    • I would love to suck a cock with a lady watching

    • I have sucked a cock in a threesome but would never do it out side of that.

    • I never even thought about sucking cock before but after I got married I was watching her with a guy that we were having a threesom with I was watching her sucking his cock and she pointed his cock towards my mouth and told me to try sucking it I felt stupid for doing it at first but when she started talking dirty to me I really got into sucking him off and making him cum and when he did she pushed my head down on him so I had to swallow his cum. After the first time I have been sucking cock ever since then for her.

    • Go to Pornhub and type in Ashley Alban and watch her suck stiff cock and during her blowjob she tells you she knows you want to suck cock too and proceeds to tell you how to service a huge hard prick. By the end of the video your hot cum will exploded everywhere and you will want to drool all over a big stiff cock

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