Lily was sitting in her bed. She wore soft, flannel pajama pants and a white tank top. She heard a soft knock on her door.
"Come in", she said. The door opened, and her mim walked in. She was holding a small box.
Mom sat next to her. "Lily, I want to talk about some very personal stuff." Oh no, Lily thought. This is going to be awkward.
Mom continued. "Now that you're 16, you are officially legal in this state. You know what that means?"
"Um, driving legally?"
"Well yes, but also of legal age for sex.*
*Mom...I already know about that stuff" Lily replied.
"I know. I bought you a gift..."
Lily opened the box. Inside was a vibrator. It was 6 inches long, slim, with a slight curve on one end. Her jaw dropped, and she had no words to describe her level of discomfort.
"It's ok sweetie. I was your age too, and I know you are probably starting to have urges that you might not quite understand. or know how to, um, resolve. You're still a virgin, right?"
"Yes mom, I'm not a slut. Please..."
Mom said, "Having sexual urges doesn't .ake you a slut honey. Do you feel attracted to boys, or maybe girls...?"
Lily quietly answered, "Yes, kinda both "
"Ok that's good. Now....when you feel aroused, do you masturbate?"
"God, mom!"
"It's ok baby, her mom said. "Everyone does it. Plus it's a lot of fun."
Lily picked up her new pink toy. She turned the dial on the bottom, and it started to vibrate.
"Do you know how to use it?" mom asked.
"Not really", Lily said. Her awkwardness faded as she became curious about this humming device in her hand.
"Ok, know how you have an orgasm by rubbing your clitoris? This thing ...wait, you've had an orgasm right?' mom asked.
"Um....I don't know. Maybe..."
"Oh'd know for sure if you did."
Mom took the vibrator, ""See, you turn this in and rub your pussy with it. Do whatever feels good. Outside, inside if you want. Rub your clitoris with it, or hold it there. After a little while you will probably have an orgasm."
"How do I do that exactly? I'm confused?"
Mom thought for a second. "Ok Lily, I'll show you real quick." Mom stood up and pulled down her gym shorts, uncovering her black cotton panties.
Lily looked intently. She noticed the round, firm shape of her mother's ass. At 36, her mom still looked sexy, and people always thought they were sisters In a brief flash, she imagined hugging her mother, reaching down and caressing her shapely ass cheeks. Feeling as if she had done something terrible, she forced herself to look at her mom's face. Then her mom slid her panties off.
Her mom turned to face her. Lily saw that she was clean shaven between her legs. Mom sat on the bed and leaned back. She took the vibrator, turned it on, and spread her legs. Lily saw her mom's smooth labia part, revealing the pink inner folds of her pussy.
"You can start by just rubbing it around, enjoying the sensation. See?"
Lily watched, a cascade of feelings swirling in her head. She thought her mom's pussy was pretty, and thought of shaving her own someday.
Mom continued massaging her labia, then slowly worked the tip inside. She gasped softly, and when she pulled it out Lily saw that mom's pink pussy was glistening with thick juice. Mom had lifted her shirt, exposing her beautiful round tits. She pinched her pink nipples as she played, and they were erect
Mom stopped playing foor a second. She said "Ok baby....there's my clit. Your might look a little different, but you get the idea. Now I'm putting this vibrator on it "
Lily watched, transfixed, as her mom place the tip of the toy on her clit. Her breathing quickened, and involuntarily let out a soft moan. She lifted her knees and rocked her ass back, eyes closed. She was surprised to feel extremely turned on by the fact that Lily was watching her. She felt her pussy swell, her click becoming hard like a pebble. Lily saw that her pussy was dripping wet, her pussy shining as her juice dripped down, first wetting her anus and then the sheet on Lily's bed.
Mom moaned louder, and Lily watched as she made little thrusting motions.
Without thinking,, Lily put her hand inside her pajama pants. She slid her finger inside, and discovered that her pussy was drenched with juice. She pulled out her finger, feeling excited and guilty.
Mom's legs began to shake, and then she started to cum. She cried out, a sound for every muscle spasm in her pussy. Lily saw a stream of her mom's thick juice gush from her pussy She could feel a warm gush in her pants, and saw a wet spot appear in the crotch of her pants.
Lily's mom laid there for a minute, panting, legs stull spread, pussy juice dripping down her ass crack.
"Ahem....welll..." Lily's mom said. "Do you want to give it a try?"

To be continued....

Feb 26

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