What are the best panties for men?

I started wearing panties a few years ago, I have tried on about everything Wal Mart and other retail outlets carry. I'm nervous about spending 40 to 50 dollars on other companies thinking they're all the same. To be honest, the most comfortable pair I have I got off Wish that have a cock sleve. Be warned, you will be soaked all day. I have spandex, cotton, satin and they all feel great. I am just curious, what are the best ones though? I love thongs and the way it feels up my ass all day. Just curious others opinions!

Feb 25

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    • I love to wear panties . The best have a wide gusset and snug fit. It is my enjoyable fetish. My wife knows but isn’t thrilled about my desire.

    • Bikini panties for me, pleeeease

    • Thanks yall! Wife said she's taking me to Victoria Secret today and get me fitted there. Do they fit you for panties there? I'm nervous over the fitting part, what will the employees think? OMG I am horrified but turned on at the same time. Wish me luck!

    • I have cheap and expensive panties in many styles. I love boy shorts and briefs. Depends on the purpose (tuck/no tuck) as to the material I choose. every day, I love cotton. Tucking, I choose satin or polyester satin. It seems to hold me flat better. And my most favorites are the ones my wife picks out! I love them all!

    • My wife buys me my panties for me and to be honest I love wearing lacey cheeky panties the ones that show off the bottom of my ass cheeks to me they are the most comfortable to wear and I have matching thigh high stockings. It's the best thing that happened to me when she wanted me to start wearing panties for her.

    • Thanks sweetie, 😊 panties are so fun!

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