Loose Pussy

I have always had a thing for loose pussy. My wife knows this but has never been willing for me to stretch her out so I let it go. Recently she has been open to it and last night for the first time a was able to fist her. She loved the feeling and I loved fucking her after. We are both excited about it. She is looking forward to going to her gyno to see if he notices the change.

Feb 25

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    • I absolutely love a big loose stretched out pussy. My wife is 49 and has a really big loose pussy. I always fuck her hard with her dildo that’s 11 inches long and 3.5 inches thick and she can take every inch of it easily. It turns me on when she tells me how she used to get fkd by other guys in her past. She said in college she would get drunk at a party and end up being naked in a bed and have 5-6 guys rubbing on her and taking turns fkng her. I have a small bald dik and she can’t even feel my dik inside her. I usually have to put my fist or a huge dildo in her pussy along with my dik for her to feel anything. I love sharing pics of her big psy. Email me if you want to see some. jason_hill454@yahoo.com

    • Love to see her pussy. Love eating well used pussy.

    • Get her pussy-lips pierced, you both will enjoy the pleasure of it!

    • Lossey goosy dripping pussy is awesome as long as it’s not diseased.

    • My wife’s bull keeps her pussy snd asshole loose he is way bigger than myself I just let her suck me now because I can’t do her our myself any good after he has stretched her so much but I love knowing he is filling my wife with dick and cum

    • I have found (oddly, or maybe not) that women who have not experienced natural childbirth, are drawn to having their cunt stretched in other ways - big cocks, dildos, fists - hey one chick I was with even wanted me to stick my foot up her cunt! They usually come back to normal after a day or two but I found they lose interest in your cock pretty easily.

    • I had a thing with a gorgeous busty blonde for a few months. Girl looked like a playboy bunny. Seriously lovely!
      Thing was - I always had trouble cumming in her....her pussy was the loosest I'd ever experienced. Too often I had to fake cumming....and she kinda knew I was. Sad.
      My wife was jealous of my one-time thing with that girl - she was that gorgeous! - and I had trouble convincing my wife that sex with her was infinitely more satisfying with her , than with that sexy looking bombshell!
      No thanks, lovely tight young pussy for me - every time!

    • I don't care if they are playboy bunnies. Loose is not a turn on

    • I prefer mine very tight lol

    • My wife had the tightest pussy of any girl that I ever fucked I would cum in just a few minutes because she was so tight. A couple of years after she started working I was noticing that her pussy seemed different and a little looser than when I first married her. I was enjoying fucking her because I could last longer and her pussy was wetter long story short she was fucking a black man that she was working with almost every night and he was the one stretching out her pussy. The usual thing happened and we fought and almost got a divorce but we worked things out together and to be honest I was kinda turned on by the thought of her getting fucked by someone else and her pussy did feel a lot better to me and I started to share her with other men mostly with black men that she liked and I found out that I loved fucking her sloppy loose pussy.

    • I know what your talking about girlfriend at the time now my wife cheated with a black coworker. She came from work I was horny she had not showerd fuck her barback and came in her not knowing she just got plowed by a bbc. We split up a week later when she confessed. Ran into her a month later and she was walking like a pigeon she said she was still seeing him . She gave it up and I can tell he was putting in work on that pussy lips were hanging more. Years later hooked back up got married. 25 years later turn me on thinking of that pussy getting beat up by a bbc

    • He will. Doctors notice things like that, however he probably will not say anything out of respect.

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