My Drunk Wife Likes to be Ass Fucked

My wife enjoys sex, but when it comes to anal, she doesn't care for it. Maybe a little massage of her anus with my fingertip, but that's about it.

But when she's been drinking and we get home, she's usually very horny. Once we get warmed up with foreplay and I rub her anus, she tells me very clearly that she wants to be fucked in the ass. I will give her a rimming to get things going and once I've lubed her hole and my cock, she lets me enter her back door.

She moans and tells me how she wants to feel me cum in her ass. I'll rub her clit and give her a nice orgasm while my cock is in her rear. Then when I ejaculate in her rear, she tells me how good it is and how she can feel my cock spurting inside her.

The next day, she is a little sheepish and says her hole is sore. And then no anal sex until she gets drunk again.

Feb 25


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    • My wife won't let me fuck her ass... she doesn't like it at all.
      But I recently discovered that she likes it very much if I do it without asking her ....
      So I talked to her about it ... she admitted that she doesnt like the feeling but that it makes,her very horny to see me enjoy it so much.
      I try to keep it rare enough so she will not get used to it, but now we fantasize abou it...
      And I started to Dp her with a vibrator while I fuck her cunt.
      Ho man ! It makes her cum like crazy....
      Any men or women wanna discuss, PM me

    • My wife let me use her ass one time. There was a lot of lube, much gentle pre stretching and then I started to penetrate he ever so slowly, she started to cry, and whine and I stopped and never asked her again.
      wouldn't bring it up but maybe 15 years later, might have been longer I teased her about giving me some ass and she got really indignant and said I did that for you 3 times, and I'll never do that again. Now I am not stupid, and my mind is gone but I have such vivid memories of that occasion because she made me feel so ashamed of even thinking of anal sex being enjoyable.
      I happen to stumble upon hidden journals and letters of hers. It confirmed that she'd cheated on me several times. I had found out about them, and she admitted to them when confronted.
      Then I found a letter to her from someone that I knew but she'd never said anything about. Well, it seems that they were the original star-crossed lovers. They professed their love in the most dramatic and poetic way possible. Now I'm obsessed with reading about this part in her life and low in behold he tells her how much he loved that she so willing surrendered her asshole to him and what vigor she put into satisfying him with her ass.
      Now I look at the dates and look at her journals to see what if she felt about it, because of course I don't have her letters to him.
      I found the dates, she is so organized, and found out what her motivation was. It wasn't pleasant at first, but she wanted to give all of herself to him. In the end she said that she "Climaxed" with him and she never thought that she would because of previous experience.

    • Why are staying with her? It may have been long ago, but it is new to you, and she did cheat.

    • I had almost the same exact experience. The butt hole was like Taboo , strictly off limits.
      I know but I put a backdoor in her computer and not only was sexting with an old boyfriend, but checked out her browsing,
      what to do before anal sex
      what the best enema to use
      what lubes are best to use for anal sex
      does anal ease work.
      do and don't of anal sex.
      yeah she's an x now

    • The last time my wife let me have her ass was about 11 years ago. I was heading out to watch a game with the guys. I dropped a big load in her sometime later found out she was cheating. So I suspect she had me fuck her ass cause her pussy was being saved for her bull.

    • My wife does this to me snd I’m good with it her bull is much bigger then me and has stretched her pussy out so her ass is much tighter

    • After a break-up and reconcile - my 24 yr old wife told me, as a gift - since no man had had her butt - she wanted to give it to me as a getting back together gift!
      Funny bit was - as she was slowly lowering herself onto my dick - one of her previous lovers walked in (her BFF's boyfriend). stood there in the dark and watched us. She didn't see him but i did.
      Kind of spoiled the moment.....
      Nay, I prefer soft tight pussy to her butt.

    • My wife would never let me take her ass but one night she got drunk and she came home with a guy she wanted to have a threesom with. He and I were fucking her and she was sucking our cocks then at one point she was on top of me and laying on me with my cock in her pussy and the other guy got behind her and he started putting his cock in her ass and to my surprise she didn't try to stop him. The next thing I knew my wife was going crazy and cumming over and over again I could feel his cock going in and out of my wife's ass and his balls were hitting my balls. My wife was getting ass fucked for the first time and I wasn't the fucking her ass I got so excited that I started to cum in her pussy and a few minutes later he was cumming in her ass. The three of us just laid together with her on top of me and he was laying on her. With both of our cocks still inside of her. The next day she told me that it was the most amazing sex that she ever had and she became a different woman after that night she loved getting her ass fucked not only by me but by just about every guy that she met she came home many nights with her pussy and ass full of cum.

    • My wife will let me do anything I want to her when she is drunk, of course she is a blackout drunk so that helps. I have let some friends fuck her, she has no idea.

    • Send me your wife pic

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