Fisting Joy

I seduced this young man, James, I have known from his boyhood but rediscovered him at this family party, handsome now that he was about 20 yo. He looked very attractive and I could not control my erotic feeling for him. At my age passed 40 this feeling for a younger man did not seem to me unusual. Meeting him I told him that - ‘I’m glad you came up’, He opened up gradually as we were drinking and the night rolled on - do you like the idea of being with a woman old enough to be your mother do you? ‘Yes’ was all he could say… He guessed my age right and I told him that I’m in pretty good shape for my age and I moved my hands up to my boobs and started to push them upwards. My tits had sagged a bit, but the nipples are still as sensitive as they always have been, I told him as I took his hand and placed it onto my left tit and started rubbing it over the breast. ‘What do you think?’ I asked. ‘I think they are great’, he replied stroking my entire boob and feeling my hard nipple against the palm of his hand. That’s what a good bra did for them and without bra they are not as pert as you think. I took his hand down to my stomach telling him that my belly to abdomen was also not as firm as it used to be! He was now stroking his hand over my stomach down to my hip line to pull up my top to reveal my belly, lightly massaging my bare flesh. Aunty, you’ve got a fantastic body – he whispered, and continued that he liked ripe woman like me.
The message was clear and I told him to take my panties off. I pulled up my skirt to reveal black lace panties and he quickly pulled them with little struggle to my thighs and I helped him to let them drop to the floor. I lifted one of my legs on the chair nearby. As I did, my thick-lipped pussy was revealed to him. It looked fantastic neatly trimmed, James admired. My outer pussy lips were looking very swollen and fleshy, and he could clearly see that I was quite wet and moist.
His hand was now rubbing my pussy as his fingers started pushing my fleshy inner lips apart. He started spreading those lips wider with his fingers, exposing my wet gaping hole. I started to breath heavier - ‘That’s it boy, rub my clit’ I whispered, ‘stick your fingers into me, and push further.’
He pushed two fingers into my pussy. They slipped in very easily with no resistance at all. My mind was racing, partly with lust and partly with yearning to be fucked by a hard young cock! But he quickly pulled his fingers out, bunched all his fingers together and quickly pushed them against my open pussy. His four fingers and thumb all entered my cunt at the same time stretching my cunt-hole wide open. I closed my eyes and felt little pain for sometime but it eased out soon… Fuck that’s it I, I could only moan as his all fingers were embedded into my pussy up to the knuckle. He pulled them out slightly when he felt resistance or reached my g-spot, and then pushed his whole fist harder against my pussy hole. His entire hand quickly disappeared into me as I gasped and moaned hard. I felt my pussy muscles tighten along with my entire body as he almost reached up to my cervix. I convulsed and orgasmed. His hand was now fisting me hard in and out of my pussy and with each bout of orgasm spurts of pees ejected out!!
As my orgasm died down, I looked up at him smiling. I looked down at my exposed crotch. My wet cunt was spread open and his entire hand was embedded up to the wrist. I held his hand for sometime as he slowly pulled it out of me. I watched his hand leave my pussy, all loose and stretched and drenched in my juices and pees.
We both were exhausted and took some rest. I was on my back stroking his cock inside his boxer.
After about half an hour I asked James for his cock to fuck me hard. His boxers dropped to the floor. I grabbed his cock – the bluish veins, mushroom head – all will be mine soon! He felt my wet pussy against his hard cock head as he started to push forward. But I said I’ve got other plans for you - I want your cum all over the outside of my cunt. I’m going to make you cum over my pussy. Then I’m walking out of here with your cum all over my cunt feeling it dribble down my inner thighs.
I looked down – his cock head was being wanked against my swollen and stretched pussy, still throbbing… I pleaded him to cum on me, spunk on my pussy, I want his cum all over me. He must have felt his orgasm building and could not hold back any longer. He exploded all over my spread-out pussy. He kept cumming over and over….
His orgasm subsided and I started rubbing his cum all over my pussy and thighs. He also scooped up some cum, and then pushed it into my pussy – that lot would dribble down out of me while I went out.
Done! I quickly started putting my clothes right, straightening my skirt and top and looked in the mirror, then picked my panties up. I won’t need these - as I tossed them to this young stud – for him an erotic souvenir!

Feb 23

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    • No doubt about it there’s absolutely nothing beats the older more experienced woman. The older and the more experienced they are the better lover they are.

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