Wife Caught me Looking at Transexual Porn

I've never been into transexuals until a friend sent me a set of pictures to mess with me. They were this very sexy trans woman, Bailey Jay! I didn't let onto him that it did anything for me, but it did! In a big way! Bailey is so sexy, my curiosity got the best of me and i wondered if I could be attracted to a person with a cock. I love cum, I can't get enough of it, problem is, it has only ever been mine but I eat it all the time with the wifes help/permission. Last night i was flipping through porn and came across one with Bailey in it. The wife knew I was about to have a wank, said go for it, but she was too tired and was ok with it as long as I did my duties and cleaned up the mess with my mouth. What she didn't know was I was watching a hot transexual chick having sex. She looked over to see what I was watching and saw her beautiful cock! I was so embarrassed but so damn turned on, I came right then all over my hand. We continued the video for a few seconds and she saw Bailey eat her own cum. She looked at me really concerned and said, well aren't you going to eat your cum like that girl you're watching? Hell yea I was! I cleaned it all up and then she asked why I was watching the transexual porn. She then said, do you want another man? Instantly I answered, no, well maybe but not a full on man. Men just aren't attractive to me. But this one that looked like a woman but had a huge cock! Yea I was interested. She also asked me if I wanted to be trans? My answer was no, I just think they're hot! Id give anything to suck that beautiful cock of Bailey Jay's. The day will never come, but one can always fantasize. Today she sent me a picture while at work and it was of a transexual guy she works with. She asked, is she hot? Before I could answer, yes, she said, good because I'm bringing her home tonight and you better be ready because you want this. So here I am, horny as fuck, waiting on her to get home with a treat of a lifetime! It isn't Bailey, but she is still hot! I am excited.... I may write more tomorrow!

Feb 23


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    • Over the years me and the wife have gotten kinky. So I let her peg me me I think its taboo and hot. Well I started looking at more and more tranny porn. One night as my wife going to town on my as she starts saying you wish it were a tranny ha real cock. She kept saying and slapping my ass. She said let me here you say it. So I had to say it I want a tranny to fuck me cum in my ass. That's it bitch she said now I wish I did not say it.

    • Go with it, yiu won't regret it. My God i wish this would've happened when we were teenagers dating. So much lost time and missed opportunities. I love transexuals now and look forward to the wife bring her over again. I promised I wouldn't date any without the wife there. How can I complain about that? You said it now, so enjoy the ride!

    • I’m not attracted to guys whatsoever, but am intrigued with dicks. I love touching myself constantly and masturbating. when i was younger i was able to suck my own dick and cum in my mouth, i loved it. I think a pretty tran is what i might need.

    • Most fun I've had in years! I hope we get round 2! It was so hot watching her fuck my wife also! I'm hooked! Now if I could only fulfill my dream with transgirl Bailey Jay! I'm not complaining about my wife's coworker though! She was hot and fun! Bailey Jay is my dream girl though!

    • I'm straight or like to think so never craved a man. Me and the wife got into pegging then she was standing in the door way once with it on she looked so sexy and hot . Her tits perky with this cock hanging between her legs. She let's me take pictures now of her it's so sexy and taboo. But now I can't stop looking at tranny porn craving to see a hot tranny and sucking her.

    • Great story. Great wife. I just checked out Bailey Jay. Stunning!

    • I swear I'd give anything to fuck Bailey Jay! She's so sexy!

    • Tranies are like a weird flavour of ice cream - nice for a bit of enjoyment every now and again but unsatisfying in the long term. I do enjoy throating their cock before jizzing up their hole though.

    • I don't think I'd ever want to be in a committed relationship with one, but for a hot fuck and to share with my wife! It was awesome!

    • Yes Bailey Jay is good. Love trans porn.

    • The transexual she brought home was so sexy and had a way bigger cock than me. This thing was like 8 inches long and looks like a red bull can! I'm barely 5! We didn't waste any time wneh they got home. She introduced her and my heart sank, this was really happening. We went to our room and started undressing each other. My wife included! I reached down and touched her cock while my wife made out with me. My wife then said, have fun! She stepped back and Jessie (the guest) planted a huge kiss on my mouth. We made out caressing each other and she asked what I wanted. She was so sweet! I reached down and took her cock in my hand and bealed down to suck her. Her cock was so big and covered in precum. I took her in my mouth and immediately saw a flash! My wife was taking pictures. I kept sucking, I couldn't get enough. Jessie was fucking my face and she grabbed my head and pulled me tight against her shoving her whole cock down my throat. I felt her dick explode and cum came down my throat out my mouth and out my nose. It was my first cock but I've never exploded like that. Jessie let me fuck her ass, she fucked mine as well. He best part is she invited my wife to join us. Watching this chick with a huge cock fuck my wife was too much! After she came in her I got to clean them up! This went on for hours and I am hooked. I can't wait for this to happen again! My wife said it 100% will happen and often! She did say I couldn't fuck Jessie without her watching though. That's fine with me!

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