Let my BFF give my panties to her husband

When I was 23 my husband and I moved into complex for young couples, near a college campus.
My best girl friends' hubby and I'd been flirting for some time. I knew he wanted me. I'd given him back rubs as I sat on his butt.....and enjoyed my legs around him - as his wife encouraged us. Sometimes we would do our exercises in the living room - and her guy would sit and watch us moving around in all kinds of near - embarrassing poses - me in my little nylon shorts that showed a lot of my butt cheek, and probably some great panty shots for him!
So, one evening while we two were out drinking a little, she said she had a 'very naughty' thing to ask of me. She said her husband really had it big for my little 23yr old butt!.
"Yeah - I've noticed. We're flirting too much for a couple of married people!"
"Yeah - well, on that subject sort of, I've a wifely favor to ask of you."
"Go ahead, Bev - this is intriguing !"
"I want you to please step into the ladies room and bring me back your panties."
"What!? - Bev honey! why do YOU want my panties?! Some guys have asked for them, you know, afterwards - but never had a girl ask for them! You're not, you know are you. You know, be OK if you were....but I can't be your girl friend like..... that. Sorry."
She said, "No dopey..."
She said that when she gets into bed with her husband that night she wants to mount him and then drop MY panties on his face!
I said, "Bev - that is sooo ....kinky! Give me a minute here...I've had these on all day - they're not clean - they surely smell of my...
She interrupted, "I know honey!....I know!"
"Well, gee - that IS kinda kinky to think about....You're going to put my little dirty bikini panties on your husband's face! YOU are so naughty, young lady!" I laughed.
"Will you?! - please - I've been thinking about this for a long time - took me awhile to get the nerve to ask you. Be a sport honey. no harm done....it will give him a real turn-on and I'll get the reward when he hammers me!"
I was ....reluctant. but it was kinda cute, and more than a little nasty to think about!...
So off I went, laughing, to the rest room. "What a kinky girl. Hell, both of us!"

I walked back and told her to hold open her purse. I dropped my little balled-up flowered bikini panties into it quickly, before anyone could see.
At home that night I was unusually flirty with my young husband....thinking about what might be going on in my girlfriend's bedroom! "what would he think?! how would he react? what the hell is he going to think of me? would he smell them?...Me? on them? Of course he would, dumby!"
I hope she doesn't TELL him that I volunteered them to her for just that purpose! She better say that she swiped them from my laundry basket! Anyway - I came hard thinking about it - and hubby enjoyed my fucking him as well, twice.
The next day I was nervous as a cat, or whatever. Waiting for her to come by after our husbands went to work and classes.
Well, she came through my door with a big smile on her face! As she handed me back my panties, I was inspecting them. Don't know what I expected....
"Those are pretty tough little buggers there Kathie - he chewed the heck out of them!"
I made her explain as I poured us a wine -- at 10 o'clock in the morning!!
"Well, I was riding away on him last night, after hiding your panties under his pillow. I brought you up - and teased him about how horny he always is after watching you in your little short-shorts....how he likes looking up the crotch of those shorts when you're on the floor, wiggling around....'
"I am NOT wiggling around!, I am exercising!"
"Whatever.....he's checking you out and you know he is checking you out. and you like it!"
"OK, fair enough....So, then what..?"
"Well, I'm humping away on him and he's pretty pleased with his stamina, as he always is... (she told me how he can fuck her for a very long time before he cums, sometimes to the point of making her sore between her legs), and then I reach under the pillow and tell him to close his eyes. He does, and I remind him "eyes closed!, guess what these are?" - as I drop your panties right on his face. He reached up and felt them between his fingers, rubbing the soft material - and says, 'they're panties!"
"OK" I say - "smell them" and he does.
"Now guess whose little butt them came off of?"
"What??! - and he opens his eyes and tries to sit up while he's inspecting them.
"What have you done?! did you take someone's panties?!"
"Maybe. Now guess whose they are."
"These have been worn!....who?!"
"Who's little crotch & butt would you like to smell - if you could?"
"Yes, stupid, now lay back and enjoy them and let me ride you hard - because I need to cum, bad!"
"What did he do with my panties......?" I whispered.
"He smelled the crotch, growled and then put the crotch into his mouth and sucked on them.....Kathie.....and rolled me off, climbed on me after putting them over his head with your pantie's 'breathable panel' right over his face, put my ankles up by my ears, folded like a pocket knife and proceeded to pound himself against my poor up-turned ass cheeks.....and fucked the living hell out my poor little pussy! He came so hard and loud.....then, grunting, with your panties in his teeth he flipped me over and did me doggie style! Thank you, girl! It was wonderful!"

"Oh my" I breathed.
It was days before I remembered to ask her if he knew how she had gotten hold of them. She swore she didn't tell him.
She swore - but he sure gave me some big silly smiles for the rest of that summer, before he graduated and they moved away. I cooled my flirting - lest things get really kinky! (yes - I gave her a couple more pairs that summer. she was ever so grateful for the effects they had on hubbie - and swore he didn't know my part in her sexy game)

Feb 23

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    • On a dare, after we fucked, my young wife removed her panties and left her little yellow bikini panties hanging on the back of one of our kitchen chairs. She knew that early the next morning my golfing bud would be coming in the nearby back patio door, for a coffee before we went to the course.
      She came down wearing a very short nighty, and walked into the kitchen while saying, "Oh! there they are!"
      The she fairly squeaked - because all 3 of my golfing buds had ridden in the same car.....and the boldest of the bunch was sitting there, holding her panties and sniffing them as she tried to reach for them!
      "Sorry - didn't mean to put on a show for you guys!" as she turned her back and slipped them up to her cute butt.

      Trust me, no one was upset!

    • I would have hung a dick in her ass in front of you

    • My stepdaughter used to leave hers out on top of the dryer on purpose knowing i would take them. I found one of her thongs in my lunchbox one day with a post it note saying" think about me daddy". I couldn't focus at work all day!!

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy

    • Being flirty. I stuck a pair of my thongs in my husband's friend's coat jacket when he was at our house for dinner.
      He messaged me a dick pic when he got home. lol

    • OMG my wife did this year's ago when we first got married. She has been in control every sense. The slytest protest from me an she shoves those panties right back in my mouth, puts in a coma

    • My best friend Heather's husband seen my thongs hanging in the laundry room. The reason I know that is because Heather questioned me about it later. Heather's 5 ft very religious and pear shaped. I'm 5'8", played volleyball in school and wear xs panties.
      Heather said, "Jason seen your panties last week. He said you wear thongs and wanted to get me a pair." I told her she should get a pair she might like them.
      She said, "Only whores wear thongs and accused me of purposely flaunting them to her husband."
      btw; I'm happy married and we have a 5 year old and 3 year old.
      I have not spoken to her since.

    • Can my husband have a pair I love for him to sniff and suck in another women’s panties as he fucks me

    • Just yesterday I was working on a home with 3 other guys and the homeowners were not home. They women who lives there with her husband has a great killer 24 year old body. I saw her another time in her black yoga pants and her camel toe pussy looked beautiful. So now with no one there was my chance to see if I could find her panties. We were working all over the house , basement, bathroom, and bedroom. I spotted a laundry basket in the basement right away and when I was alone I rummaged through it but found no panties. I was really hoping to find a filthy pair so I could sniff out her pussy and her asshole which I like even more than pussy. Later working in her bedroom I found her pantie drawer and had to be quick about it but I sniffed a sweet dark blue pair and they smelled so fucking good. My cock got hard and when I got home I beat off thinking about her tight ass on those panties and I exploded a big cumshot onto mirror.

    • My fucking God that was hot! I'd give anything to smell many of my wife's friends panties without having to sneak around. She had this chick I had the hots for stay with us one summer. I snuck and smelled her little fire crotch panties, found a few red hairs also. Wife would've killed me had she known, but how did she not know?

    • Young wives are so horny....and so much fun!

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