Sucking cock

What is your favorite part about sucking cock?
Do you swallow?
Are you male? Female?

Feb 22


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    • I am a male age 57. the best of sucking a cock is wham the guy pulls it out of my wife's pussy. the taste of another man's cock and my wife juice on it is unreal..

    • I am a male and I have been sucking cock since I was a young boy. I love when I am sucking cock and the guy is very vocal with me and enjoys fucking my mouth and throat. I learned how to relax my throat so I can deep throat a cock easily and I love to lay on the bed with my head hanging off the edge and let a man fuck my mouth like it was a pussy and I always swallow every drop of cum.

    • I absolutely refer to my mouth as a mouth pussy

    • Me too sort of, except I always refer to my mouth as a cunt where sucking is concerned

    • Are you male or female?

    • Male

    • I love the feeling of pleasing another guy. I love the feeling when he explodes in my mouth and I continue to suck him off. I swallow every last drop. I then go home and fuck my wife.

    • I'm a woman. I enjoy the power I have over a man when I'm giving oral to him. I mean just sucking on a dick, doesn't make anyone happy, but kissing it, licking it, massaging his balls and cock. If you do all that, even the toughest man is like putty in your hands.
      So personally I like big fat uncircumcised cocks. Don't care if the man is white or black, but if he is white I like it brown like a tan, really white glow worm or really pink ones are a turn off.
      I like playing with the foreskin, like playing hide and seek with his little soldier, plus they seem more sensitive.
      Normally I'll swallow but I have pulse on my face or tits

    • What city and state do you live in ?

    • Op here male. I don't suck cock, I make love to it. I lick it, kiss it suck on their balls. I roll my tongue around the head
      When he is cums I swallow it, then milk it to get the last drops out and kiss them off with my lips

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