Wanna be fucked in the ass

I'ma a 16 year old guy and I want my asshole fucked and stretched I wanna take it deep I wanna suck and gag on a older guys dick I wish I could be used in a gloryhole but I'm too scared to try anything I fantasize about a stranger paying me to suck his dick behind a trash can or something

Feb 22

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    • You need to get off this adult website

    • Can I fuck you in the ass

    • I wish you could stretch my hole wide open ♥️♥️

    • I'm a 64-yr. old married pervert with an outdoor nudity fetish. We live across the street from a 60-acre conservatory that our village turned into a park a few years ago by building a bike trail through the woods. One of only four entrances to the bike trail was directly across the street from our front door. After my wife leaves for work (I work out of a home office), I'll often take breaks when the weather is nice and roam around these woods in the nude. I got caught last summer by a 16-yr. old who had a thing for "daddy cock." He sucked me off that day and begged me to buttfuck him but we didn't have any lube. So I told him to strip naked and wait for me while I returned to our house to grab some Crisco Shortening from our pantry. I returned to find him down on all fours waiting for me. Slathered him up good with the Crisco and proceeded to fuck the snot out of him. Slapped his ass cheeks hard and called him my cocksucking little bitch. You should have heard him wail!

    • That’s disgusting. You’re sick. You should be ashamed of yourself. Have you no self respect? I mean seriously, who the fuck uses crisco?

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