People responds to sex personals

I am a guy. A bi- bottom. I place personals offering no strings attached blow jobs.
It irks me when someone responds
What are your stats?
Nothing about themselves, and why do you need stats?
Whether I fit your ideals or not, I am a willing mouth for you to stick your cock in and get it sucked, and I am a great cocksucker.
You get sucked, you cum in my mouth and I swallow your load. It's a win- win

Feb 22

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    • I love the one-word responses…..”pics?” I always give a two-word response…”fuck you!”

    • I understand why that bothers you. I do have one question tho. Would your blowjob possibly include you licking my asshole too? I just think that adds so much to some good cocksucking . Thanks

    • Yes it would- as long as you are clean

    • I don’t know if the OP does, but my blowjobs always include a good thorough asshole licking and tongue fucking. It just wouldn’t be proper otherwise. I’d be embarrassed to blow a guy without doing that. What has happened to standards in this world for heavens sake!

    • Omg I could have written that post. I agree 100%. It’s a blowjob. The only qualification is that you have a mouth. They want everything from you, stats, location, including pics, but offer nothing in return. I’ve concluded that so many are just playing games or collecting pics and then jerk off. I’ve been doing this a long time and have gotten pretty good at figuring out quickly who’s real, who’s gonna back out, who’s a nut job or a drama queen. Good luck to you. I’m in Maine and will happily get, or give, a blowjob any time.

    • Yeah a bunch of idiots. I finally tell them if you want stats or a picture then share yours

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