Wish I had videos of the my wife fucking those guys before we wed

She is supers sexy, SoCal born blue-eyed blond. Tight little ass, B-cups with nice pink nipples. 34 yr old, 5'7", 130lbs. Gets hit on all the time!

8 yrs younger than me - she was not shy or embarrassed when I asked her to tell me some fuck stories when we were making out.
"How many guys have you sucked off?"
"Well, a couple of guys just unzipped in their offices - for a quick one. You know the scene, grabbed my head in their hands and "fucked away!" Most girls have experienced that. One jerk didn't give me time to spit my gum out - guess who's going to have to explain gum in his pubes to wifey! He came, I swallowed like a good girl, then he saw the gum. He was PISSED, I laughed all the way to my car! Not counting them - every guy I went down on also went down on me - like I told you once. So.....about 30 maybe a few more."
"How many were 'lovers'?"
"You're asking how many were regulars? Probably a dozen. The rest were pick-ups, one nighters in back seats, his apt., or mine, etc."
"Did you ever take videos?"
"Not that I know of!!! Damn, I'd hate to think guys out there are showing those around in this town!"....."Well, I swapped polaroids with one really built young guy at the university! I got him "up" and wet with my mouth - made a great picture! He took one of me on my knees, up my bottom showing his stuff dripping out. We used them at home when we were having phone sex - or to masturbate with when alone in our beds. At least I did..."
"No videos?! - bummer - would have loved watching you fucking a few of these guys!"
"Yeah - I bet you would! Honey, I'm not sure you could handle watching me. We did some pretty naughty stuff!"
"Did you enjoy it?"
"Yes dear - you know I like men and SEX! It was pretty cool seeing how each guy liked to fuck me. Each guy was different, and interesting - Your wifey was a hot little number once they'd got a couple glasses of champagne in me! I took over the situation more than a few times with the older guys!"
"Any bad experiences?
"Well, I was pretty much raped by that one guy from the post office. He took me out twice - then decided it was time for me to pay him back for the dinners. Pushed me into my apt. when I was trying to say good night. Pinned me against the wall of my living room, licking my neck while he was pulling my skirt up. Grabbed my ass, pulled me down to the carpet, rolled me over, tore my panties off after ripping my hose.....and decided my saying "no" was because I really wanted him to fuck my bottom. So, he did. Licked my butt hole, while his thumb was up my pussy - then he swapped places and put it in my bottom. Kept me pinned to the floor while getting his pants off, spread my legs, grabbed a pillow from my couch and jammed it under my hips....then I felt his big head pushing into me!. I tried to relax back there - but it hurt too much, and I couldn't help making noises with the pain (and humiliation) but that only seemed to make him hornier. He really pounded me for a long time before cumming in me. He got off of me, smacked my bottom HARD and said, "that is one great little ass you have there Kathie!" He left. I laid there for a long time, crying, and super pissed, too!"
"Is that the guy your father got the restraining order on?"
"Yes. He stalked me for months after that."
I held her after that.....hoped she did not notice my erection. That story made me shamelessly horny! (she really does have a great little tight ass!)

Feb 21

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    • Sexy post!
      Sad what he did - but sexy, too!

    • I love a tight ass lol

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