Sex therapy

My husband and I have a good sex life. We are both 45 years old and have been married for 20 years. We both agreed that our sex life could be better but were not sure how to go about making it better. The place we went is not clinical at all but more of a relaxing atmosphere and our therapist believed that knowing what each other was truly thinking would remove any roadblocks. The sessions were videotaped so that we could watch and review what the therapist told us and what each of us said in our sessions. He encouraged us to not hold back in our sessions. We learned a lot about each other because we never really talked openly about things at home. I told the therapist that I loved my husband and I know he loves me and I would do anything for him as I know he would me. My husband said in the sessions that he thought I was still a hot little number and loved seeing me in short skirts and revealing tops. I told the therapist that I didn’t mind dressing that way for him. I got a little embarrassed when my husband said he wished I would go braless and even panty less because he liked showing me off. The therapist asked how I felt about that request. I said I was self conscious about dressing that way. He asked why? I told him it wasn’t about someone seeing me that way but feeling guilty because my husband would be there when other men was looking and seeing what was meant for only him. The therapist asked my husband how he felt about that statement. My husband surprised me by saying that even though he knew that it was for him he thought I was gorgeous and it wouldn’t bother him at all if other men saw her gorgeous body. He embarrassed me by saying he wouldn’t mind showing me off naked to another man. I was asked why that statement embarrassed me. I said I guess I never knew he wanted to do that. My husband said he fantasized about another man kissing and touching my naked body. I said OMG really? He said he thought I liked being looked at and maybe fantasized about something like that myself. I admitted to the therapist that when I wore revealing tops and short skirts that I did like the looks I got. He said he thought we had some common ground to build on. He said at our next session we should come prepared to act out some of our thoughts.

The next session my husband asked me to wear a short skirt and go without a bra. It was sex therapy so I did as he requested. The therapist greeted us and said I’m glad you dressed this way. He said in this session he wanted us to remember everything we had previously talked about. He had an assistant in the room this time that sat across from us. He asked the assistant what he liked about me. The assistant said well obviously I had great legs and he looked at them right away. I looked at my husband and smiled. Then he said he liked my nipples poking through my top and sexy breasts. I blushed and looked down at what he was seeing. The therapist asked my husband how he felt about his assistant seeing his wife and talking about her body. My husband said it was great. I was surprised. Then the therapist said how do you feel about him looking at your legs, breasts and nipples? I said it was slightly embarrassing and flattering at the same time. He said then you don’t mind him seeing your nipples. I said I guess not. The therapist said to my husband, tell my assistant what you want him to do. My husband said tell her you want to see her bare titties. I said honey!!! The therapist assistant then moved his chair in front of me and said let me see those pretty titties. I looked at my husband and said honey are you serious? My husband told the assistant to unbutton my shirt and open it and look at my titties. The assistant started unbuttoning my shirt and I whispered to my husband, you really want him to do this? He said don’t you? I looked down at my buttons being unbuttoned and realized he was right. When the buttons were all unbuttoned I said wait! The assistant looked at me with a stern look and slowly opened my shirt. I didn’t try to stop him. He opened my shirt and smiled and said oh these are nice. I looked down at my bare titties knowing him, the therapist and my husband were looking at them. Part of me was nervous and embarrassed and part of me liked them looking. The therapist said you are doing very well. How do you feel with other men seeing your bare breasts? I said nervous and excited at the same time. He said that tells me that you like us looking. I said I guess I do. The therapist asked my husband how he felt? My husband said he loved me showing my bare titties. I looked at him and said you don’t mind? He said not at all and said she loves her nipples played with. I said oh my as the assistants warm hand’s started fondling my titties and nipples. I looked at my husband and looked at my chest getting fondled. I said you really don’t mind? He said I think you’re hot. I felt the assistants lips on my nipples. My husband was right about one thing. Handle my nipples properly and I melt. My husband asked how I felt. I smiled and said it feels really good. I don’t know what came over me but I told my husband I liked him watching. I closed my eyes and felt my body getting warm. My husband said take her skirt off. I heard him but the nipple play was was making me open to anything. The assistant stood me up and continued sucking my nipples. I felt almost drunk as I felt my skirt coming off. I said oh My skirt, my skirt as I felt it sliding down my legs. Breathing heavy I sat back down next to my husband in just my thong. I felt the assistant still working my nipples. I looked at my husband and said don’t be mad. He said mad? I’m loving it? I felt the assistant move down and kissing my stomach. I felt my husband’s hands on my breasts. He knew exactly how to massage my nipples. The assistant hand his fingers on the sides of my thong. I was enjoying my nipples being massaged by my husband so much I just remember saying oh you want my panties too? I felt a rush through my body as i felt my panties being pulled down my legs. I instinctively lifted my feet as my panties were taken off. I was naked and didn’t care it felt so good. My husband continued his expert massage of my nipples. I felt the assistant running his hands up and down my legs. I was putty in their hands. I always kept myself shaved for my husband. I opened my eyes and watched the assistant push my legs open. I remember saying honey he’s spreading my legs open but didn’t resist. I remember him saying pretty pussy and I remember saying thank you. I felt his face between my legs and his tongue on my lips. I was naked with my husband watching another man lick me. Before I could cum, the therapist said ok lets pause right here. The assistant went back to his chair and the therapist was in front of us again. I looked around for my clothes and the therapist started asking me questions. He asked if I could remain naked for a little while longer. I sat next to my husband naked. He asked what I liked and didn’t like. I said at first I wanted to just leave but after my shirt was open and my chest was there to be looked at and I saw my husband enjoying it I realized I was kind of enjoying it too. I said I liked my husband watching. He asked my husband what he liked. My husband said he enjoyed being able to show me off naked. He said he loved my titties and nipples on display. He loved watching my panties being taken off. He said he even enjoyed watching my legs getting spread and my shaved pussy on display. He said he was enjoying having the conversation we were having while his wife was still naked. We all kind of chuckled. The therapist said do you think we have accomplished anything with our sessions? My husband nodded and I said I understood my husband better. I said when he asks me to go braless and without panties in a short skirt I wont have a problem with it. The therapist said is there anything else? My husband looked at me and said he would like me to open my legs and show off my pretty shaved pussy one more time. I looked at the therapist and his assistant and opened my legs to show them. I realized that I enjoyed them looking between my legs. My husband and I left and had great sex that night. I seldom wear bras or panties anymore and when we go out and someone is looking at my nipples or up my skirt, I let them look and tell my husband who’s looking. The therapist has opened a whole new world for us and now regardless what it is, my husband and I talk about it and try new things.

Feb 21

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    • I wanted a pool and my husband said he would put a pool in if I would sunbathe in the nude. I wanted a pool so I agreed. I found it somehow liberating laying by the pool naked. My husband has surprised me several times when he has come home from work or playing golf and has a buddy with him and I’m soaking up some sun naked. The first few times I was embarrassed and pissed off that he didn’t call me first. Then it was obvious that he was doing it on purpose. I confronted him and he told me he liked others seeing me naked. He said I wanted a pool and got a pool he said he liked seeing me naked by the pool and wanted to show me off. I decided to enjoy the pool and if he wanted others to see me naked I would try to do that for him. The first few times it was awkward for me but now if he brings someone home I just act like it doesn’t bother me to be naked in front of them. Honestly it is common place now and I don’t have to act. It doesn’t bother me anymore and just enjoy their admiring of me naked. Now I think I enjoy it as much as he does.

    • Do you have pictures?

    • That is sooo hot! Thank you for sharing.
      We all hope there will be more.
      (signed, husband who wishes the same!)

    • You should have fucked them all at the same time

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