Love Riding Dildo

My favorite part of the day is when I mount my dildo, take it up my gay ass and imagine it’s dick. I love to ride that hard fuck-pipe and use my asshole for it’s true intended purpose. The only thing better than my dildo is the real thing….a rock hard masculine alpha cock that fucks like a piston and pumps cum like a fire hose.

Feb 21

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    • My wife was the one who introduced me to anal sex with didlos I was a little embarrassed about it at first but once she started working that didlo in and out of my ass I was hooked on the feeling I never knew that it would feel so good. She even bought me different toys for me buttplugs and different didlos for me to use it became very addictive to me I wanted something in my ass all the time. I now have a 8 inch didlo that I can sit on for hours waiting for my wife to come home and peg me the whole time I am sitting on it I have precum dripping out of my soft cock when she comes home she asked me if I was a good boy and for me to get in bed and she puts on her strapon that looks like a real 10 inch black cock and she pulls out the didlo that I was sitting on and fucks me hard like a bitch and she always makes sure that I get every inch of her strapon as she fucks me with no mercy. She told me that I need to let a man fuck me to find out what it's really like but I haven't yet.

    • A year ago I was out of town and stopped at an adult bookstore. I bought a looks- like- a - dick dildo. It was 7 inches and thick.
      On the way home I stopped at a rest area. I stripped, then sucjedon the dildo to get it wet
      Then I pushed it all the way up my ass, put my pants on and drove the 1 1/2 hours home with it up my ass
      When I got home I cleaned it off really good then , I sat on the front porch and sucked it
      I had a lot of fun with that dick

    • Hot, and you should be used. Where do you live?

    • I’m the original poster, in Maine

    • Northern Michigan

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