Drinking mother in law's piss

I've been drinking my mother in law piss for year's after she caught me lickin her dirty knickers when she was staying over, told her even though she is in he 70s I've been infatuated with the thought of fucking her for years, she immediately gave me a fantastic blow job then after a great fuck she made me eat my cum from her very hairy pussy and that's how is started she just filled my mouth with the most gorgeous hot piss imaginable making me drink every drop, that was 13 years ago and i still drink her piss weekly ( I'm now 53) she just ring's my wife and ask her to send me round to fix something, apart from drinking her piss i regularly fuck her including up the ass which i must admit doesnt smell to good when she asks me to lick her ass clean, her piss taste amazing and we have the most amazing golden showers, strange thing is she refuses to drink my piss because she says that is disgusting! but sometimes when i call round her knickers are soaked with piss and she is frantically masterbating and just screams for fuck sake I'm bursting, our little game is when relatives meet up and she ask if anyone would like a cup of tea she says and irn bru for you Roy, so while everyone is drinking their PGtips I'm drinking a glass of steaming hot piss and i always manage 3 glasses, unfortunately she has a nasty vaginal discharge at the moment just can't wait till I'm guzzling her piss again!!!!

Feb 20

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