Snelling tenants panties

I do maintenance on many rental properties, one particular unit is rented by a super cute skinny blonde girl, I actually helped her move in initially. About a month into her living there I got a service call to fix her dryer, I let myself in (she's gone to work) and I pull the dryer out to inspect it but I can't help but notice a bra hanging on a closet door knob, a laundry basket full of dirty laundry and I looked through the glass lid on the washer and see a small load in there too. My heart immediately starts racing. I've never done anything like this before but I had the sudden urge to smell her clothes. I was afraid of cameras so I left the laundry basket alone and opened the lid to the washer. Right on top was a pair of blue panties, I leaned in and smelled them and I could literally smell her pussy on them and a little white streak. I stuck them to my nose and sniffed, I instantly got rock hard, I sniffed again and I swear I almost came in my pants. I put them down and walked outside to collect myself. I finished the job and before I left I grabbed them one last time and licked the white streak off of them and I could taste her pushy! It was amazing! The biggest rush I've ever had! I ended up texting her when I was done with the repair, she was super nice and thanked me. I ended up helping her move out a couple weeks ago and we continued texting. Long story short we are dating now! She is so sweet, we are a perfect match it's so insane.

Feb 20

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    • Your smelling pussy , the white streak was a mans cum dripping out of her you sick fucked up cunt.

    • Nothing like pussy and ass stained panties . Makes my cock stiff every time

    • Lol, skidders make you guys hard

    • Aww, lovely romantic post.

    • I was a landlord here in vegas. Sometimes rent was short and you would be amazed what young ladies would do to pay the rent.
      I even had a married one lol

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