Journey to becoming a cock where (male)

As a kid I was always into girls, but I would get excited by messages on public bathroom walls.
My excitement became fantasy. I wondered what it would be like to have a man's cock in my mouth.
Unfortunately I didn't know any place to meet a guy, so my fantasy became frustration.
When I was in my early 20's I found a number at the mall and called it. We met, and I sucked his cock. He shot a nice load in my mouth
For the next several years I would go to the mall, and maybe 2 to 3 times a year I got lucky
We moved and I managed to find another crusing spot for an occasional cock. This went on until I was in my 40s.
One day, a guy I had started sucking regularly told me about Craigslist.
I placed an ad, and got immediate results. I started sucking cock almost every day, sometimes twice a day. A few times I sucked 4 and 5 cocks a day.
My mouth pussy was officially a whole. It has an unsatiable desire for cock
I am, unfortunately, down to once or twice a week.
However I just learned of a website. I've signed up and placed an ad. I have already got several responses so, hopefully I will get my cock count back up to daily numbers.
My whore- mouth- pussy is all giddy with anticipation of getting used.

Feb 20


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    • Craigslist did make it easier to find guys that wanted a blowjob or to fuck my ass. My wife and I have an open marriage and she knows that I am bisexual so when she went out on dates with other men I would just get on Craigslist and I would have a guy to have sex with in no time. To bad that the government shut it down.

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