Huge Cock At Gym Sauna

When serving in the Military, it was required to stay on shape, physically and emotionally. I used to work out daily and then I'd meditate in the sauna to relax before work. The onky issue with meditation in this gym was this man who would sit in the sauna nude od seen over the last week. You couldn't miss it, his cock would hang over the bench he sat on, it was ao huge, maybe 10 inches flacid. He was a very well build black man and I kept finding myself looking at his penis. Not that I wanted it, but it was absolutely beautiful hanging in all its glory. I tried to not make eye contact but one morning we locked eyes. I was caught! He asked me if I was OK and I don't know what hit me, but I said, I can't quit looking at your huge penis. I had never done or said anything like this, what was I thinking! This thing was beautiful thiugh. He then chuckled asked if I'd like to touch it. We were in a public sauna, if I did this I could get caught. Guess my answer, hell yea! I moved over beside him and held it! The first time I'd ever held a dick in my hands other than my own. It is nowhere the size of this thing! It was still soft and I couldn't wrap one hand around it. I played with it for a minute but the heat from the sauna and the moment got to me. He suggested we go back to his place as he lwas staying on post. I rode with him to his room and called my boss saying I'd be in late. When we got there, he fixed usel a drink to relax a little. He asked if I wanted to continue. Hell yea I did, this thing was beautiful and so was he! I lowered his pants and continued where I left off, holding and playing with it. I then lowered my head and kissed it. I put the head in my mouth and could barely get more than the head in as I began to suck him. I did my best and we got into each other's rhythm. He tried to shove more and more down my throat and somehow my mouth relaxed and I was able to take more of him, but maybe 1/4 of this beautiful cock. It was way too bug to go down my throat! He had to be getting close and no way in hell was I gonna back off I wanted his cum down my throat. All of a sudden he arupted and cum went down my throat out the sides of my mouth and all over me. I swear he came a gallon. It was so good and my first time I'd ever sucked a dick, much less ate cum. I found myself scooping it up and eating as much as I could! It was delicious! He then asked if I would like him to finish me. I didn't care at this moment but said sure. He took me in his mouth and withing a few seconds I came and he swallowed mine also. He never humiliated me over how small mine was compared to his. I didn't cum as much as he did and maybe found myself comparing even though he didnt at all. We showered, got dressed and both went our separate ways, i just took the rest of the day off. I was in hopes I'd see him again in the gym, but never did. I assume he was he was passing through or attending a class on post since we were a training post. I've never repeated this act but did gain a l cum eating fetish. I eat my own everytime I cum now. Id like to repeat this one day but have never pursued it and never been in a circumstance like that magical day in the gym and that beautiful cock!

Feb 19


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    • I am older and hoping to do the same thing. Anybody in Albany, Oregon?

    • Did you lick his giant nuts and tongue fuck his black ass too?

    • Did I fucking say I did that? What a jerk! Bet I could turn you out quick! A gay man in denial!

    • Fuck you punk.

    • Name the place, but we ain't fighting! I'm gonna make you a real good fuckboy! Shove my cock down your throat and up your ass! Make you call me Daddy!

    • Seriously though, wanna be my fuckboy?

    • I always eat my own cum

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