My friends mom, my lust, her panty drawer

When I was about 13 I was at a friend's house. It was 1997 so we had just gotten the internet and well...we were 13. So obviously we were looking at porn. He suddenly had to go to the bathroom (def got too horny lol) and his mom wasn't home so I decided to hit her room and go through her panties. Well she somehow got in without a sound and there I was in her room with her black bikini panties around a hard dick and a thong over my nose. She was furious but also just left me there, dick out and seconds from filling her panties with cum. She was sort of slutty though so after that she'd let me watch her sunbathe and once I put lotion on her. Didn't think her ass needed it inside that leopard print bikini but it taught me how to apply sunblock with one hand while stroking the hardest boner I'll ever have

Feb 19

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    • I was 14 and at my friend's house gaming. His mom Cindy was a realtor and beautiful. She was a vegan, health freak & allaying working out, tanning or doing yoga. A bottle blonde, fake boobs, 5 ft. & around 105lb. I loved summertime because she'd lay out next to their pool in a tiny bikini. Yes. I jacked to her many times.
      It was Saturday and she was laying outside in a bikini when she got a call from her realtor friend that was doing an open house. Her friend had an emergency and needed Cindy to rush over and finish up.
      Cindy told us the news wearing her bikini and she was going to shower, change and leave.
      She came in wearing a gray skirt suit to say 'bye'. My friend told her she had a run in her pantyhose. She said, "SH*T!" and went running down the hall. I went to get a soda and noticed her in her home office with her skirt pulled up adjusting new pantyhose. I turned my head and she yelled at me to come in.
      She said, "I really need to get a full length mirror in her. Help me. I need your eyes. Do you see a run?" She was still wearing her heels and twisted her butt to me and wiggled it. She was wearing white thongs with her pantyhose. I was speechless. She said, "Don't be shy, you've seen me in a bikini. Do you see a run?" I told her no. She pulled down the skirt. Patted me on the cheek and left.
      I still have images of that to this day!

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy

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