Let a stranger finger me in a pool

Before I married I went out a lot. Lots of parties, night spots with friends.
A married couple invited me along one night to a pool party with friends of theirs. I love to swim - they knew this - phoned me up - and off we went. It was at a pretty fancy condo - nice pool.
OK, so I'm not usually a tramp - so a little back story...
I needed to use...I needed to pee! The lady host told me not to use the pool-side rest room because men had messed it up. She said to follow her up to her condo. We were on he 3rd floor. She used on bathroom I was pointed to the one in the master bedroom, "when you're done, just close the door and come back down"
Well, I came out of the bathroom and stopped to enjoy the view out their bedroom window.....and WTH!?...straight across the way I'm looking into a lighted room where two handsome young people are fucking like crazy in the window! She is bent over something, ?, kitchen table?.....and a the young guy has her by the hips and is absolutely pounding into her butt cheeks! I stood there, in the dark, and watched for the longest time until he finally came and fell over her back, as she tried to stand. I had never seen two people fucking in real life! It was incredibly sexy!....and I was incredibly horny now!
I calmed my breathing and went back to poolside where I grabbed another of the pre-made mixed drinks....gulped it down and dove into the pool to cool down!
Well, 20 mins later a youngish long-haired not bad looking stranger has been chatting me up at the far end of the pool. It's not rocket science - I'm super horny - he's not repulsive. We kiss, he feels me up, I have ahold of his nice little ass. We kiss more. I feel his stiff member against my thigh. I finally come to my senses - when I notice my friends, the couple, smiling and looking at us from the other end of the pool. They're laughing.....and I start to pull away from Studly here, when I turn my back to him to move to the ladder - he grabs me by the waist and pulls me back to him. His boner is pressing into my butt. He's biting my neck and sliding his hand across my belly. I'm not exactly trying to escape - neck bites really get me hot! - how'd he know that?!
Now his hand has forced its way under and inside the front of my one piece bathing suit's crotch! He's cupping my pussy firmly and I am shoving my butt back into his dick. His fingers are trying to enter my puss, so I squat and spread my legs, helpfully! His fingers are in me and "I'm being finger-fucked by a strange man in a strange pool and people who know me are watching us!" so, in for a dime in for a dollar - or whatever the saying is! I reach back and go inside his trunks and grab his nice dick and start being 'friendly' with him, too!
I'm jerking him, he's fingering me... we're kissing awkwardly (try it sometime)....and it is vey very nice to be a girl getting fucked by a stranger!!
I cum - I think I bit his tongue when I did - he makes nice 'male having an orgasm' noises. We coast to a stop.....and I swear if they applaud down there I will walk home~!
No, I won't. I'm kinda proud of myself actually!
One for the fuck forums!

Feb 17


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    • I had a guy in HS that used to flirt with me all the time. He knew that I had been going with someone for three years, but since he had graduated and was away he was just more embolden. Always asking me if I missed getting fucked and he be willing to get in there and do it. I used to laugh him off.
      Well one day we were at the swimming hole and he comes along. He jumps in and swims up to me and starts flirting. My BFF is there with me and she comes over and says go for it, she never liked my BF. Next thing I know because i was distracted is that his finger is inside my bikini and he exploring my pussy quite expertly. I think that I had a look of satisfaction on my face as he was staring at me and he pulled me close and kissed me. That was it, I knew I was not only have sex but it was going to be hot sex.

    • My husband's friend Jerry from college is single and has a reputation for being a 'major player'. I've never seen him with the same girl twice and I've known him for 15 years. I'm a mom of two, work to stay fit but I do like attention and flirting from him on occasion.
      He owns a huge cabin cruiser that's docked at the local Marina and takes us out often.
      This time it was just my husband and I. He anchored at our favorite spot and my husband drank too much and was out cold. Jerry and I decided to jump in the water to cool off.
      We started out playing then he pulled my bikini top string. I tried to get it but he grabbed it and tossed it on the swim platform. We played more and he was able to untie my bottoms and toss them on the platform. OK I did not up up a fight. lol
      I playfully said, no fare I'm naked and you're not. He removed his bottoms and tossed them on the platform.
      We swam to the ladder, kissed and he fingered me while I played with his penis.
      Things got heated so we got out, snuck to his cabin below and had sex.
      That happened 4 years ago and my husband has no clue.
      I guess I should add we've hooked up a few more times since then.

    • That guy is no friend of your husbands. He is a predator.

    • I did you one better. Since my husband had to work, I went to his family reunion without him. On the second day some of us young adults got it into our heads to sneak off and go skinny dipping. I was eager to go and the first to go nude when we got there. My husband's brother was next and soon was nearly always near me.

      When we got into horseplay, we both groped each other a lot. He stuck a finger inside me, and I didn't move to pull him out we started really getting naughty with each other. Several times, as we horse played, he'd briefly mount me, right in front of everyone, without anyone having any idea what we were doing wasn't innocent anymore.

      Once things settled down, we got to talking as a group. Meanwhile we were often messing around under the cloudy water. Since no one brought a towel most of us put on wet clothes or used part of their clothes to dry off. I was still feeling too frisky, so I opted to air dry. I'm not going to lie. I loved that I was the only woman that air dried. It definitely made me feel like the most desirable woman in our group

    • How old were you?

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