Black Chick's Panties Turns Me Out

I was stationed overseas, remote where it was only military. We had coed dorms and there was a plerhra of sexy single military girls all around. I was trying to behave but this one kept hitting on me. She was this 5 ft tall sexy black chick with an ass that was made for eating. We'd often see each other in the hallways, laundry area or the day room. We always flirted but kept it at that. Never shit where you eat, right? Welllll I did!

One evening I was doing laundry, she was also, we had a conversation and I excused myself to go get a drink and offered to bring her one back. When I got back I gave her the drink and we talked until our laundry was done but the subject of sex came up and I slipped that I'd love to be part of a gang bang. I collected mine in my basket as did she and we went back to our rooms.

As I was folding laundry I found a pair of silk panties mixed with my clothes. I thought that maybe they were left in the washer or dryer. But I was curious and put them up to my face and sniffed. They were not freshly washed and smelled of sweet pussy and a hint of cum maybe! I obviously did what any man would and had a wank and busted a nut in them.

The next day I saw her on the walk to work and invited her to walk with me. On the way she asked if I found something in my clothes? I answered hesitantly, yes. She said did you smell them? I confessed yes! She then asked if I jacked off with them. I was mortified and said, they smelled so good! She told me she had slipped them in my basket as I was emptying the dryer and she had worn them all day before!

I told her that she had a great smelling pussy and thanked her. She told me, that isn't the last you'll see or get of my panties and she had a surprise for me later. God I wanted her so bad. That evening there was a knock on my door it was a dude i didnt know with a box. He said he was asked to deliver to me by her. I opened it and it was another pair of used panties and a note. It read, if you want to continue this and have your gang bang, put these on and come to my appartment, I've set something up for you. Yes were in the AF, we had apartment like dorms! I thought about it and figured, what can it hurt. Little did I know or Eben suspect!

I went to her room and followed her instructions by putting them on, I was hard as a rock. I knocked and she let me in but there were maybe 15 black dudes there. She greeted me and introduced me to her friends. I was so excited as I thought, I can't wait to see her get fucked by all these dudes!
I got her alone in the kitchen and asked what was going on. She said, just wait and see! Panty boy! I instantly got hard again. We rejoined the others and we played strip poker. I was mortified, she set me up but as long as i got my fantacy fulfilled, whatever! I didn't want a bunch of dudes to see me in pantiea thiugh! I tried to leave but she said, do you want everyone to know what you've been doing? As time went on, we all lost more and more clothes, then clothes were gentle it turned to sexual wagers, you guesses it, she was the onky girl and was loving the attention. I somehow still had my pants but no shirt shoes or socks. There was some heavy petting, a blow job, and a few other bets. Finally I lost again and had to lose my pants. I was mortified. But a bet is a bet. I took off my pants and there I was in front of a group of black guys and her with my panties absolutely soaked! Obviously they all joked around but back to the game. The next hand I lost again and off came the panties. My 4 inch cock was standing hard in front of a bunch of black dudes and her.

We were all pretty much naked and obviously it was time for the gang bang I told her I wanted to be part of. What she didn't tell me she and every man in the room are all bi-sexual and I'm part of the enterrainment since i liked to wear panties! She asked if I was ready to be part of a panty boy gang bang. I never dreamed I would be the one getting banged. She said, how'd you like your wife to find out what you've been doing? She told me, she and I would be sucking and fucking everyone at the party. I was hesitant but always wanted to be part of one and was horny as hell so I went along with it. First I watched her get fucked and he came all over her black mound of hair on there delicious smelling pussy. She motioned for me to come over amd told me, youbare our cleanup panty boy! I'd tried my own cum in the past but never anyone else's and always wondered if it all tastes the same! . I love my own so I dove in! It was stronger tasting than mine but wasn't bad. Next guy came inside her. This load was way better than the first mixedswith her delicious pussy! This went on for about an hour and all the guys had came in her and I had eaten all the delicious cum out of her beautiful pussy! A few of the guys were ready again but she said it's your turn. I'd only taken a strapon, I was nervous because some of these dudes were huge. The first one entered me and it stung so bad at first until I got used to it. Then one after another thry fucked my ass and mouth! Some coming inside me and a few pulled out and same on my back or face.

We all fucked and sucked all weekend, eventually one by one leaving until it was just she and I! She asked how I liked my first gang bang! I told her it wasn't what I invisioned but I would definitely like it to happen again! We fucked and I cleaned her pussy again. We did this until our rotation was over and went out separate ways. Ill never forget it and would love a repeat. When i got home I disclosed to my wife what I had done. She handled it totally different than I expected! She said you're obviously gonna suck dick for me also then right? Who was I to say no! Always be careful if you find a chick's panties in your clothes. It could lead to endless weekends of bisexual men and a hot ass little black chick filling your belly!

Feb 17

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    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy

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