How I started sucking cock

As a kid I use to like reading the messages on bathroom walls. I wasn't sure what a blow job was, but I knew it involved dicks and reading about it got me excited.
As a teen I sucked a couple of dicks on a dare- but bot to completion
I would read the bathroom walls and fantasize about sucking cock the they came in my mouth.
I would beat off then taste my cum.
One day I went to the Sears at Bel Aire Mall in Moblie Alabama. The restroom was a cruising spot. I went into a stall and saw a phone number of a guy wanting a bj.
I went to a pay phone and called the number. He answered. It was a legit number.
We made arrangements to meet that night at the Delchamps grocery store on Hillcrest.
I pulled in and saw him. He got into the car and directed me to a nearby two track at a pri:ate club.
We parked. He undid his belt and pants. He slide his pants down revealing a nice 8 inch cock.
I was really nervous, but also excited. I was finally going to give a bj and have him cum in my mouth.
I put my Virginia pussy- mouth around his cock. I didn't really know what I was doing, but preceeded to suck him and Bob up and down on his now hard cock.
It only took a few minutes when he started breathing hard. Then he groaned. I felt this warm creamy sensation in my mouth. It was great.
I have been sucking cock for 40 years now and love it.

Feb 16


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    • It's like they say you can't just suck one cock I sucked my first cock when I was 13 years old and I don't know how many guys I have been with since then. Now I am a older man and I still love sucking cock and getting ass fucked.

    • Original poster here. I love both as well, especially at the same time

    • Where's all this in my life? Never found a working number! Ever!

    • Sucked my bf's cock when we were 8, then a guy who propositioned me in a pub toilet when I was 18.

    • Are you male or female?

    • Sorry, should have said 'best friend' instead of using txt lang.šŸ˜„

    • Male

    • I would love to meet you and you drop down suck my dick and I cum in your mouth and then get up and leave nothing between us

    • Where?

    • I would suck it if I was there

    • I'd love to do it for you too and just kneel there watching you walk away!

    • And my cum on your face

    • I'd rather you cum in my mouth

    • Thank you!

    • I used to cruise public men's bathrooms when I was about 16 or 17 and started sucking cock, older married guys loved feeding me

    • I started when I was young as well. Always read the bathroom walls. I knew I wanted cock in my mouth to try it. Met a guy in the stall at the Lenoir Mall in North Carolina. He slipped in they install with me after I had tap my foot. I was only 15 and zip his pants and revealed a very large black cock I was so scared. When he said so young white boy wants some cock huh I like it utter was yes sir. He said well open up and he slipped his cock in my mouth and I started sucking it love the loan that It produced after about 10 minutes I felt a large sport at the back of my throat as he grunted. The rest is history been sucking dick ever since.

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