Teacher fucked my wife's teats when she was a teenager

Wife and I were sex-talking in bed ....
"First time you saw a hard penis?"
"That would have been my high school history teacher."
"Whoa!!? Show me his picture in your year-book!"

I didn't get it; he wasn't tall, a bit over weight, kind of a babyface with long sideburns (this was the early 70's). She said lots of girls had crushes on him because he flirted with them every day in class. She used to fantasize about him, too.
The summer after she graduated she saw him at a hamburger place. She'd just turned 18. He came over, chatted and sat down. He invited her over to his place "to see something", she doesn't remember what.
"What're you wearing?"
Her usual - snug body shirt (?, "snaps in the crotch dummy") , short-shorts, push-up bra (she's not big breasted), sandals.
"No panties?"
"Not with a body shirt."
She wore her blonde hair long - like a "folk singer" she said.
They ride over to his 2 story apt in his VW.
At this point she frustratingly does not remember how the conversation went - just that she was up in his bedroom. He was tongue kissing her, telling her she'd always been a favorite of his because of her very short skirts in class. "He said I had great legs. Sexy legs!" He had his hands in her unbuttoned short-shorts, kneading her butt while pulling her body-shirt into her cheeks, "tightly! It hurt~ And I told him but that seemed to turn him on more!"
They necked, while he's slowly pulling down her shorts.....and he knows how to remove her body shirt. His fingers are into her crotch and he unsnaps her shirt, and pulls it off of her. Her little bra comes off and he leads her to his bed. He strips....and she sees her first hard, swollen penis. "it looked huge, thick and with a big dark head, and it was bobbing up and down as he removed his shirt"
She said she told him that she was a virgin - "not even some fingers?!"
So he told her to lie back, because they "could still have fun" without him going inside of her.
She said she was terrified, but turned on, too. He was a good kisser and knew his way around a young girl's body, apparently.
She lay on her back as he mounted the bed, straddling her knees and began to kiss his way up her body. Licking her pubes ("he was smelling me there, I could tell"). Up her body - sucking on her little breasts and licking her nipples.
Then he moved further up her body, "his dick was sliding along on my tummy, then up between my breasts. I could feel his hot balls laying on me."
He took her breasts and pushed them together...and placed his dick between them and told her to do as he was doing - push her breasts together for him.
She did, and he started sliding between her little breasts. But she made a face because his dick was dragging on her skin. So, he leaned forward....putting his head right at her lips and told her -- "this will work better if you make me wet, Kathie!" She'd heard about oral sex - but this was a first - as he slid into her mouth. "Lick it , make me wet Kathie!"
She did, and he went back to stroking as she pushed her breasts together for his enjoyment.
She said his weight was on her and his balls were on her ....and his dick was hurting her sternum.....and she wanted it to end. So she tentatively put her hands on his bare ass....which he loved - so she rubbed and squeezed and pretty soon he started grunting and really pushed hard down onto her chest and then he swore loudly and out shot a lot of warm liquid all over her neck and chin.....he kept pumping on her until it ended.....
"Then what happened?"
"His doorbell rang! and he started going 'shit,shit.shit!' and hopped off of me, wiped himself off with my short-shorts! He threw a robe on and went downstairs. It was 3 high school girls there for his Saturday afternoon "study group".
He came back upstairs, got dressed quickly and told me to keep quiet for an hour until he could get rid of them.
I got dressed in a daze....no way to wash myself off - as his bathroom was down the hall and they might see me. I used some kleenex...and my spit to get him off of me.
A while later he sent them on their way. We got in his VW and he drove me to a bus-stop to drop me off - so nobody would see us. All he said was, "that was nice Kathie - it was nice to see you again kiddo but best not to talk about this, yeah?"
"Honey, this sounds very much like a rape.
Yeah, but I went to his apt. and then didn't really try to stop him. Stupid kid....what the hell was he going to show me?! Yeah, his dick."

Feb 15

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    • Me,my wife and our daughter are nudists and on one holiday we bumped into Rachel our daughters history teacher,she was 14 at the time and pleaded with us not to make ourselves known,we didn't have to,Mr Simpson who I was introduced to recognised Rachel and headed towards us,hello there Rachel this is a plesent surprise,im Rachel's history teacher he said,he sat at our table and had a drink with us,he was sitting next to Rachel and I couldn't help notice him touching her all the time,ill get the next round he said and on his return as he sat down we could plainly see he had a hardon, oops don't mind me he said,nothing happened but I knew he wanted to fuck Rachel

    • I would have lol
      And probably your wife too in a 3some with your daughter

    • I was the teen, above. My husband showed me this.
      Well, husband has always wanted more details. And he wanted it here, too.
      So - we're in his bedroom. He has stripped me, and we're kissing.
      He grabs my butt in his hands and picks me up - holding me by my butt. I have no choice but to wrap my legs around his hips as he carries me around, telling me how much he loves tight little teenager's soccer player cheeks!, as he digs his fingers into my bottom. (later, I replay this in my mind - and wonder how many of my teammates butt-cheeks he's had in his hands!)
      Finally he carries me to his bed. Lays me on my back, while he kneels on the bed between my legs. I try to close my legs because now he has stopped moving, and he is looking at my crotch. He puts his hands on the inside of my knees and pushes my legs up and fully open. "so wide! love how flexible you young athletes are!"
      He smiles and tells me how beautiful I am down there. "pink, and wet and golden..." I'm blonde there, too - but not very bushy - so I know he's getting a real gynecological view of my spread young puss. He wets his finger and reaches for my vagina.
      Oh goodness, no!..he's going to touch me there. "please don't put it in me!" I say looking at his swollen member. "It's OK, Kathie - I'm not - but I am going to taste you, honey!" He slides his hands down a spreads me with his thumbs, leans down, begins to lick me from the back to my front. He's grunting and his face is getting red as he pushes his tongue as far into me as it will go, probes me where no one has ever been. Forever, it seems. And he sucks my clit while doing something at my bottom with his finger. My nails are digging into his shoulders..and I'm making the noise I make with my pillows, and he doesn't stop. He doesn't stop...it feels ever so much better than my pillows!....and I orgasm! " So it wasn't a rape. He comes up wet faced, "good job honey - now it's my turn!" & moves up me.

    • I'm the hubby of above.
      I get so damn turned on every time I think of that guy sticking his hands into her short-shorts, stripping my teenage wife naked, squeezing her young ass, sucking her tongue and small teats! Her virgin lips being parted as he slides his dick into her young mouth. Cumming on her slim body!
      And, oh - being the first man to smell her crotch!
      I hump her still very tight little cunt hard into the bed when I picture all of this!

    • This was early 90s. My assistant principal was sexy and all the girls flirted with him. Mid year, he'd went through a bad divorce and that was the locker room chatter with us girls.
      During prom, my boyfriend and the guy I'm married to now along with his friends, got in a fight with a bunch of guys from another school. The police was called and my boyfriend along with a few more were escorted off school property. I didn't want to leave so the assistant principal offered to take me home. Remember this was the early 90s, I'm sure that wouldn't be allowed today.
      This was before cell phones and social media so my parents already approved for me to come home very late.
      We got in his car and I told him I didn't want this to be the way it ends. He said 'what?' I told him I didn't want to be the only girl to go home after prom and not have sex. After more flirting and very little convincing. We went to his place and omg! It was the best sex I'd had experienced! Everything was amazing. His size! His stamina! and his ability to give me an orgasm! Until then, my boyfriend had only done that once.
      He took me home afterward and thankfully the last two weeks of school were not awkward. I never told anyone because I knew my girlfriends would blab. To this day my husband has no clue this happened.

    • Hopefully he is not on here lol
      Again as a former teacher, the perks were awesome. Amazing what girls would do for a better grade

    • My history teacher was just out of college and he was quite a cutie. We wore very short skirts back in 75. I used to take my panties off before his class just to show him my pussy. He'd give us reading assignments during class and sit at his desk, loved how he'd looked at me. Funny, I don't think he saw much as didn't shave back then.

    • Honey!....a girl's pubes are so sexy....the dark or blonde triangles are works of art! Hell - seeing up a skirt at the white crotch of a teen's white panties is a boner-maker every dam time!

    • I like a nice hairy pussy

    • Good catholic girl? Lol
      I'm high school we picked up more girls at the catholic school than our own. As a former teacher i would have loved you in my class

    • One of the perks of being a teacher surrounded by a lot of slutty girls lol

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