My husband likes to watch me fuck other men...

It's not cuckolding though, because I don't deny him sex. He usually fucks me afterwards. He says that porn is no match for watching the real thing. He knew I was a hyper-sexual cock whore when he met me, and it didn't really bother him. There's only one guy that I can fuck raw, because we've known him for a very long time and safety has been verified. I don't like the guy all that much, but hubby likes to feel sloppy seconds every now and then so I just do it.
The only rule is that I can't give them any anal. Hubby says, "Your asshole is for me and me only."

Feb 15

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    • I hope you are still around because I found this posting very well written and would like photos and more stories. Anyone want to talk?

    • I love watching my wife with other men and she like watching me with other women.

    • A couple years ago we went to a wild New Years Eve party. Everyone got naked and people started sharing the person you came to the party with. My wife fucked three different men and I fucked two different women. Now I knew my wife was not a virgin when I married her but I had never seen her fuck someone else. I told her she was the star of the evening. From that point on the wife has made a habit of fucking men in front of me. As long as she does not get knocked up by one of them all is good.

    • My young wife and I were separated for several months after she had an affair. She had fucked a few guys in the mean time, and I knew it.
      When she asked me to take her back, she got naked and we got into bed. She whispered to me that she wanted to give me a rare gift- that other men had gotten her mouth and her pussy - but that she never let anyone in her ass. She wanted to give me her butt hole as a welcome back gift I guess. I'd licked her ass hole many times - she loved it and loved doing it to me - but other than a finger-tip her butt was still a 'virgin'.
      Now this part is so typical.!...we were in her apartment, and I was on my back on her fold-out couch and as she was naked and mounting me and slowly working my dick up into her young virgin butt as I kneaded her teats,.... her 'current' fuck-buddy walked into the apt and stood and watched us. He finally figured out who I was, and where my dick was!....and then she noticed him, squealed ......and I came!
      Yeah - very special treat.

    • Bet your pussy tastes so good! I'd bury my face after every single fuck! You are awesome!

    • I would assume another rule is that no fucking other men unless he is there to watch? That would be my rule

    • That’s mine and my wife’s first rule

    • I agree. It was same with alone time and she had to pick girl lol

    • Totally hot. Same rule i had with gf
      Her ass was mine lol

    • Id love to watch you fucking my wifes hairy pussy and arsehole

    • Do you have pictures? And i would love that too

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