Ex Cheated Specifically for Anal

She had a plutonic friend that was 6’7, 350 lb black guy. she tells me about the affair now when we fuck. at the time it was a major fight and breakup. i had cheated as well but nothing like what she has admitted she was doing

I’m sure you can imagine the guy is hung being black and that big. my ex is 5’2 110lb blonde petite little thing that took me years to get to start liking it up the ass.

She said he had a short but thick cock at first. then later she rephrased it and said “his cock probably just looked short because it was so fat”. she finally bought a dildo one day that was a “spitting image” according to her. it was 7” long by 6.5” circumference. and sure enough, when a dick is that fat, even seven inches looks short.

i like to make sure that part of the story is burned into your brain because not only was my little whore sneaking around to fuck him, she was really after anal and sometimes they skipped her pussy altogether. their move was standing up, he would bounce her with her legs around his arms. kind of like cowgirl but standing. so she had no control; she just had this huge black guy with a very fat cock using her asshole to basically jerk himself off. she said she would cum like never before, sometimes the entire ass fucking was 1 continuous orgasm. she said the first day he fucked her ass she loves it so much that she spent the day there and let him just sodomize her to the tune of about 8 different times and she meant to comoletetion. and he almost always finished inside of her butthole where she said she would usually cum again because his dick was so fat and it was such a tight fit, she could feel him throbbing and pulsing as he was pumping his cum inside of her shithole. a word stolen from her that she said he would have her saying and begging for him to “cum in her shithole”. she said when he came a lot of the times she begged and begged and he would just stay hard and keep sodomizing my wife who just came and came and was in ecstasy getting buttfucked by a fat black dick behind my back. one time i saw her car there and left s note asking her what was up. he wasn’t a very attractive guy so i never thought he was an option. but she was only in it for his extra girthy cock and his strength to bounce her on his cock like a fucking flesh light. she said he wasn’t gentle by any means and would slam her down hard. i was fingering her asshole recently w three fingers and she was telling me how hard he would slam her down on his dick and she showed me that she loved it so much she would reach down and spread one of her ass cheeks. when she did that, the 3 fingers i had buried deep in her assshole actually slipped in maybe like 1/16 or an 1/8 if an inch deeper. it felt so fucking dirty. knowing that little whore was pulling her ass open wider to get as much of that fat nigger dick in her cheating asshole as she could. aside from usually doing that same position and cumming in her butt, she did tell me one time he fucked her ass doggy and pulled out when he was cumming and had her spread both cheeks. she said he later told her it was the dirtiest thing he had ever seen and described her asshole gaped wide open. she confirmed this by saying she must have been because she felt like the breeze or air in the room filling her gape and said he was jerking his fat cock and shot a massive load that she could feel hitting her bullseye, pulse after pulses, an endless amount of thick streams being still shot deep into my wife’s wide open fuck hole and some onto it as well that either leaked in or that she assisted with her fingers when done. this story is 100%true

Feb 15

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    • My wife has always loved me fucking her asshole,we've been telling each other about our previous sexual parents and it's so fucking hot,I knew a couple of my friends had fucked her before we were together but she mentioned a few more to me than I knew,one was and still is a good friend of mine and it was him that she told me was the first guy to fuck her ass!! Shes admitted to me that 10 guys have been in her arsehole and I knew half of them

    • My husband and I separated for a year or so because we were having problems I ended up dating a couple of black men who loved to fuck my ass. And when I got back together with my husband I was honest about what I had done when we were separated he couldn't believe that I was having sex with black men let alone letting them fuck my ass because he never tried to do it to me. So I let my husband have my ass and his cock slipped into my ass easily he said I guess you wasn't kidding about the black guys because your ass opened right up for me I just laughed and said I told you so.

    • That’s so fucking hot

    • It seemed like every guy I ever dated was obsessed with doing anal on me. That was not a turn on as it seems gay when there is a pussy right next to it.

      Anyways, my husband was also wanting to try anal on me. I've never tried but let him. It was awful.

      A lot later that stuff came up at work and I overshared my disaster with trying that stuff. My male coworkers all insisted we did it wrong and volunteered to teach me in person. I refused but they kept bringing it up. Between my husband and my coworkers, they wore me down and I found myself asking one of the guys to swear to not blab...

      I know everyone would see it as cheating, but it didn't FEEL like cheating as it was only to help me do what my husband wanted, better. While working at it, the only times it felt like cheating was when I'd have to go down on him to get him hard to go into me.

      We finally got to where I could handle him bonking my bum to completion. I still didn't like it, but I got where I could deal with it, without too much pain, so I could please my husband. By this time, since he was just screwing me in the wrong hole, I was now feeling like I was doing something wrong. I grew to like the 'training' so it was hard for me to finally end it, but I did.

    • Now you are just a good anal slut lol

    • Yes I guess you could call me that👍🏼

    • Nothing like it. Are you hot?

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