Sexy Neighbor

It was the late 80s, we lived in a rural area, about the only thing to do was go 4 wheeling, drink and fuck. We had this hot divorced woman living next door. I used to go over often to work on cars with her husband before the divorce. She soon found a guy that was fucking gorgeous and he worked on cars as well, so I started going over there again to hang out. One day I stopped by, he was out and she invited me in.
She was always so nice and never ever tried anything until this day, it was different. She excused herself and said she'd be right back to fix myself a drink. I was 16 so I loved that they gave me alcohol. She came back out in the sexiest negligee I had ever seen on her tight and sexy body! She was short maybe 4' 5" of smoking hot woman. Obviously I took notice and immediately went to her and we started making out. She took my pants off and I carried her to her bedroom. We fucked for like 2 hours. After like our 4th time she said, her boyfriend should be home soon. (God I wish I had that stamina now) This crazy girl just put on some panties and got ready. My cum still all in her. He came home and I was still there, we were in the yard joking around and she joked with him and said the old 80s saying "eat me" jackass, like all joking. He joked back and said pull it out. She did right there in the front yard and he went to town. I was 16 and didn't realize what was going on. I was like, WTF as he ate her and my cum mixed pussy! Thry went inside and I just went home.
The next day she asked how I liked what I saw! I wasn't sure wat to say. She said that I was part of his fetish of eating a cummy pussy, dont think hey were referred as creampies back then. She asked if I'd be a donor from now on. I wasn't sure how I felt but she was one hell of a good fuck. So I said ok! We did this for a year or so and I even ate her a few times with a creampie of his. We even dp'd her a few times. He always cleaned up my mess from her pussy! I was hooked. This continued a year or so.

I met my wife and never told her about this but I did quit the fun with the neighbor. I have been hooked on creampies ever since then! I eat my wife's every single time I cum. I grew to love the taste of pussy and cum.
Funny circumstances, I joined the military and was stationed with her son who was like 2 back then. I always joked about sexy his momma was! She's in her 60s now and still looks as sexy as she did in her 20s!!!

I always wondered how weird it'd be to have him fuck my wife like I fucked his mom so I could eat from thr same seed and relive the past! The thought did cross my mind and what his mom would think.

Feb 15

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    • The problem with that experience when you are younger is trying to continue it with others later in life. When I was 14, I walked into my buddies house without knocking. I was always there anyway so usually walked right in. This time I caught his mom getting fucked by a stranger in the kitchen. I left immediately but back the next day. Again, my buddy wasn’t there but she was and asked if she could talk to me about yesterday. I immediately got hard, she saw my boner. I had no experience at that time so when she dropped to her knees, pulled my pants down and started sucking me it took about 5 seconds to cum, 30 seconds to cum the second time, and a few minutes for the third. This became a regular thing and I started fucking her. About a year after it started I was with another buddy going over there to look for her son and she wnded up taking us both. For the rest of high school, my and 4 other guys regularly banged her. A couple times with all 5 of us taking turns and she got me hooked on eating her out while full of cum. In college it was hard to find girls this open to sex other than missionary. To this day (I’m not in my 50s) my wife doesn’t want me eating her after my cock has been inside her. I miss the days of my buddies mom.

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