I peeked at my mil tits

So my mil is in her late 40s, and ive always wondered what her tits looked like since i first met her 8 years ago. They are big and after awhile i was able to get her bra size and it is a 36ddd. I tried for years to get a peek or catch her changing or something. Well couple weeks ago me and my wife went over to her parents house and then it got really late. Our 2 kids was asleep so we decided to just stay the night. The kids was in her parents bed asleep and her dad was in his office asleep bc he had work early. Her mom laid down on the couch and me and my wife just chilled and she fell asleep. As im about to fall asleep aslo i went to get a drink from the kitchen and seen her mom passed out on the couch. She had on a tank top and i could see it pulled down exposing her bra. I walked over and decided to see how far asleep she was and tried tapping her lightly and saying her name. She didnt budge. So i then lifted her bra up slowly till i could see some pink. I had to keep going so i pulled it up even more and i seen her entire big peperoni nipple lol. I grabbed my phone and took a pic and went to the bathroom and jacked off then deleted it and went to sleep with my wife lol.

Feb 14

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    • Before we were married, I was waiting in the living room for my (then) gf to get ready. Her mom was there too and we were joking on. I said something and she said, 'that was very naughty, I should spank you for that!' Going along with the joke, I went over, stood in front of her, turned around and bent over. I didn't really expect her to do anything, but she gave me two, playful slaps on my bum. We were both a bit surprised and embarrassed, but my gf came downstairs then and we went out. I mentioned it to her and she laughed and said her mom still spanked her when she had annoyed her.
      The next time I was waiting for Jane (gf), her mom was there again and we started joking around. This time when she said I needed to be spanked, she made me bend over her knee. After a couple of slaps, she said spanking over my trousers was no good and I should take them down. My heart was pounding, but I did it and bent back over her knee. And that's how I was when Jane came downstairs. She accepted it as perfectly natural and just sat down until her mom was finished. When it was over I stood up, pulled up my trousers and we left. As we went out, Jane said, "I told you my mom doesn't stand for any nonsense!"

    • You should have kept pictures lol

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