Wired Sexperience

What is your wired Sexperience. Share your experience with us.

Feb 14

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    • I was banging my girlfriend when we were 16 and her brother walked in and put his dick near his sisters mouth and she blew him while I fucked her.

    • I LOVE nonconsent play. That is my kink. The more "attackers" the better. Incest is a total turn off, for me. This experience was WIERD because it was an exception.

      So, when my new husband and I went to our first Key Party I got matched with a fat old man that looked a LOT like my father. I was totally turned off and didn't believe I could go through with it. Meanwhile my husband got some older woman that was still a lot hotter than me. This sick guy I had wanted me to pretend to be his daughter and go by her actual name. The idea that my dad would want to do something like this, if he was in our shoes, made me sick to my stomach. My body seemed to have other plans.

      I didn't want to or mean to, but the more we played the more I imagined he was MY father, and I was home messing with my own dad. It was like incest by proxy. It was both gross and arousing. It had my mind spinning and stomach churning. I didn't orgasm but my mind was blown, and I didn't want to stop playing this way. Without meaning to I overstayed and found myself having to get ready to leave after his wife got home from her own assignment.

      I FELT like returning for many more sessions with him, pretending to be father and daughter but I refused to let myself go down that road again.

    • If you meant wired, I once attached a tens unit to my gf's pussy. Meh,she said about it.
      If you meant weird....when I was about 13, there were a few times when I jerked off and let my pet husky lick the jizz off my cock and hands. She seemed to enjoy it, and got rid of the evidence better than a sock or kleenex. Man, did that bitch have a tongue...

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