Is it normal to enjoy wife having sex with others

I think about it all the time and receive pleasure watching her go down on another guys and watching them fuck her and even enjoy going down on her afterwards myself, it's been a few years since we done this and I would really like to do it again just haven't got the nerve to ask her if she wants too.

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    • Hi, would anyone like t email my wife cock pics, I want to lick her pussy why she is looking at your cock and have her send back one of her showing her pussy with piece of paper showing your nickname or name, that way you will know she came in my mouth thinking of you. She's 5 foot 4, 125lbs with a nice horny pussy send to thanks

    • Yeah but do you respond? Or just collecting them for yourself lol

    • Yes I will

    • Sent you one

    • Yes. What made me first realize this was watching my wife slow dancing with some guys during our wedding. Thinking how I felt when they had close contact with her. Several wanted to dance with her as her ass, legs and cleavage were on show that night in that dress. She did ask me if it’s OK and I said reluctantly “yes”. As they danced, I could see at times their thigh move between her’s, other times her’s moved between their’s. As they held her close, her DDD tits seemed to be even more squeezed out of their small cups! I also realized my cock was getting very hard in my tuxedo. I tried to not watch but I had to! Then, I realized one of the guys who was locked closely with her, had his hands drift down to her waist and then her ass. He moved her so it was not well seen. What was seen was his hard on when they were done. All while my cock was not only hard but I could feel myself getting me wet. She must have danced with a dozen guys that night, each one got me hard watching them handle each-other on the dance floor. I even thought she once casually put her hand around the bulge in a guys pants at the end of their dance. Later, I told her several guy’s had hards-on when they were dancing with her. “I know, I could fill them Honey.” “Did it get your cock hard when you saw me with them?” I responded “Yes!” Keep that in your mind.”, she whispered in my ear, that was 6 years ago. She danced with a few more guys that night, including my best friend. Guys were eager to slow dance that night, many as their wives watch, oblivious to what was really happening.

    • Triple D's??? Yum

    • Yes! Her Full DDD tits, nipples, ass, legs all magnets to occasional, selected guys. I’ve learned now, that she will give the right guy “Full Access”. At 13 her body changed & she became aware of her tits, her body & that men wanted access to her tits and body. At 14, giving a married 27 year old friend, no resistance when he decided to fondle those incredible DDD tits for hours. He showed her a married cock and told her how a man wanted it sucked. Not like his wife who was afraid of cum! As I should have known from the wedding and the guys slow dancing, I would just need to be satisfied with watching the same men over the years, have full access to her body and those DDD tits!

    • Wish i had a picture of those! My Italian gf had H cups. Giant soft pillows

    • Yes its normal in our house for sure. After we got married we moved into this large apartment complex. The couple that lived upstairs asked us if we would like to join them at a swingers party. Sure our intent was to watch. Four partners later my wife was having the time of her life. We remained part of that group for the entire six years we lived at the complex. The party was held on the second Saturday of the month I don't think we missed one of them while we lived there. The wife was a stay at home bride. She did not work for the first 3 1/2 years we lived there. She passed the time a way by fucking men while I was at work. I don't know how many times I came home from work finding my wife on the couch fucking someone. In year seven we bought a house and started a family. The wife still fucks other men but not as often. I still enjoy watching her fuck. I sometimes join in. I love our sex life.

    • I guess that my husband is too much of a gentleman. He doesn't ask me what I did or has to reclaim me. I did show him a video of me with 2 other men as they took turns between me and then filming. I asked him what he thought, and he said that the one guy seemed to only want to film a cock going in my pussy and the other guy seemed to be interested in filming me sucking cock and making out.
      I was kind of flabbergasted that was his observation, not that he was turned on or he thought it was hot.

    • All talk??? Lol

    • Are you still sending video?

    • Love to see the video already have wanked

    • Do you still have video?

    • Yes

    • Will you share it? Anthonytaormina1959 gmail

    • I might but I don’t know would you masturbate to it if I send it and send me a video of you unloading to my naked body being taken ?

    • I definitely would. Please please send it to me.

    • Ill be waiting😘

    • Yes i would

    • With pleasure😁

    •, I'm jacking off right now

    • If you will tell me Margaret P I want to put your legs over my shoulders and kiss your feet as I drive my —— inch dick inside your married pussy please recomment this with you size and I’ll send you a video to cum to😘

    • Was that good enough? Lol

    • Oh i would definitely put your hands over my shoulders, lick your toes, and then drive my 7 inch very thick Italian cock deep inside your married pussy

    • Please tell me the same thing that I posted that’s the way I want to read it from you that’s what gets you the video

    • Was that good enough?

    • Margaret, i would love to put your legs over my shoulders, lick your toes, kiss your feet while i drive my 7 inch dick inside your married pussy

    • Great now I’m wet snd going to send you a video to cum to

    • I look forward to it
      Anthonytaormina1959 gmail

    • It's very normal for me to watch my wife enjoying other men and seeing how she reacts with someone new. Also I am proud of her knowing that other men want my wife for sex .I am amazed at how easily she can take a guy's cock in her mouth as she's looking at me playing with myself. I love how vocal she gets when she is getting fucked she's definitely not a shy person. I have watched her fucking black men and white men big cocks and average size cocks.

    • Wow that is hot

    • Yes!
      My husband and I started swinging 20 years ago. Currently, I'm 43 & he's 45.
      We actually started before we got married, we met in college and began swapping with friends.
      We decided to get married and continued the lifestyle.
      My husband loves it when we full swap with a couple in the same room.
      I've also went as a unicorn to a swinger party but I have to tell him the details afterward.

    • Would you be in to a 27 year old guy I would love to have a sexy married wife with your experience

    • About a year ago, I asked my wife if she was sexually attracted to anyone else. She said, “Of course I am. I don’t do anything about it because I’m married.” I asked who. She mentioned someone that works in a store she frequents. I asked if she wanted to fuck him. She again said, “I’m married.” I said, “I know you are. If he were to walk in here right now and I wasn’t home would you fuck him?” She thought about it. I said, “Do you want his dick inside you? Make you cum harder than you ever have.” She said, “Yes. I want him to fill me with his cum. Why?” I said, “I think it would be very hot to see you have sex with another man.” So she did. She brought him home and fucked him on the couch right in front of me. I jacked off while watching them.

    • Hell yes. I love it when I hold my wife’s legs apart as a stranger slow fucks her. The taste of my wife’s pussy full of cum. Fucking great

    • Hot

    • You sound a lot like me, I like going down on a woman before, during and after and enjoy watching her pussy grabbing that cock when he is slowly pulling it back and then watching it push in as his cock sliding all the way in, that's so hot to watch

    • Hell yes my wife has fuck dates all the time then comes home and I reclaim her so damn hot!!!!

    • Oh I know what you mean, my wife doesn't drive so I would drop her off for her sex date and pick her up when she called and then we would talk about all the fun she had infact I was the driver on one of her sex dates, I really enjoyed watching her give him a blowjob, she had a short dress on, next thing I knew was she mounted his cock and was the fucking him as we were driving down the freeway at night, I just about came in my pants it made me so hot

    • Hell yes!!

    • Do you get fuck dates??

    • Yes sir I can set you up a fuck date with my wife

    • Where are you located?
      I had a gf here in vegas that was a stripper. When she came home from one of her "dates" the sex was AMAZING. she was an animal lol

    • We come to Vegas a lot for this reason if you would like a date with her we have a few question we like to know about you and then we can get together

    • Anthonytaormina1959 gmail

    • In my first marriage, my wife loved watching me with other women, especially with big breasted ones since she knew i was obsessed with them and she was only an A cup. I also had a gf who loved it, but she would have to pick them. I shared her only once but that's because it was her bf , another woman, whom she had been with whose husband was obsessed with fucking my gf. Best foursome ever!
      My stepdaughters shared me multiple times both just them and then with one of their gf

    • Stepdaughters bet that was fun, I was with 2 sister's and they were both trying to out do the other and I really felt like I was there boy toy.

    • Yes both of them were the same. One was insatiable (23 year old) . she wanted it Constantly, everywhere and anywhere. I fucked her one time while mom was in the shower!
      Youngest(19) was more loving but still wanted to outdo her sister.

    • I like eating cum filled pussy

    • I like licking his cock and her pussy at the time

    • I licking his cock and her pussy while there fucking

    • Me too. I love the taste of another mans cum in my wifes pussy. I eat my own out of her but it isn't as good as eating someone elses from her pussy.

    • My fwb used to come get filled by me then go home and fuck hubby. Major turn on for her

    • I started having sex with my husband's friend during the lockdown of 2020 and we I still hookup with him 3 to 4 times a month.
      I'm 47 and known W__ for 20 years. W__ works construction and went through a bad divorce a few years prior. We heard the lockdown was coming so we told him to stay with us so he wouldn't be alone. We were drinking and he mentioned it'd been 2 years since he last had sex. He's tried the dating scene and had no luck. My husband got exposed to a chemical at work 10 years ago that's caused him to be impotent. We got a huge settlement but he can't perform any longer.
      My husband suggested we start having sex. I thought he was joking but he got up to go to bed and he told us to have fun.
      W__ and I have sex 3 to 4 times a week now. It's just sex with no strings attached.

    • I was shocked at first when my husband wanted me to have sex with other men. I thought that he didn't care about me or our marriage but when I finally agreed to it and had sex with a complete stranger my husband was so different towards me. It was like he worshipped the ground that I walked on asking if I was okay helping me with everything around the house giving me money for new clothes to go out with. The more men that I slept with the more he seemed to love me and doing things to try to keep me from leaving him. I love the fact that I am free to come and go as I please and have sex with anyone I want I just never expected my marriage to be like this but I am not complaining I have enjoyed dressing up and looking hot and finding new men to bring home to have sex with.

    • My husband and I certainly have a better relationship now that I see other men.

    • Does he get to see other women??

    • He is not only your husband but your best friend and wants you to have fun and he receives lots of enjoyment just from that at least that's the way me and my wife are so I imagine it's pretty common.

    • My husband definitely doesn’t like the idea of sharing me, so I cheat on him consistently. I go home to him after having another man touch me all over and sometimes leaving a deposit whether on me or inside of me

    • He just doesn't know the fun he is missing, if I was him I would find another guy and take turns going down on you for few hours before we did any thing else

    • My ex-wife used to do this to my all the time and I had no idea - I guess in hind site I should have known. After our divorce, we started having sex more than when we were married. It seems she enjoys the taboo effect when married. At first I would resist, then she found out that by telling me about her activity when we were married, I would get hard, horny and easy. We ended up having sex a couple times a week. I was surprised at how many guys and a few women she had sex with. A couple examples, we started out by living in an apartment complex. She had sex with the guy next to us and the guy above our apartment - not at the same time however during the same period. She said there were several times I would get home from work and just miss the other guy by 5 or 10 minutes. She was surprised I couldn't smell the cum on her breath. Another surprise was a couple boys that went to our daughters school. They were about 15 when she started having sex with two of them. One was really arrogant and I hated my daughter doing anything with him. My ex said that it was my hatred for the boy that drove her to have regular sex with him. It was surprising to hear he was significantly huge as he was a scrawny kid. Although we don't see each other any more, I still masterbate to many of these thoughts.

    • She will probably doing it behind your back anyhow

    • That's ok with me and she knows it, I told her she could and she has a few times, we both know having sex with others is fun and I enjoy her having fun

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