Caught my daughter watching old young porn

The other day I went to my daughter’s room to say good night and she was watching a video of a 50+ year old guy fucking a young woman!

I told her I wasn’t mad just shocked by her choice of porn. She confessed it wasn’t the first time and that she has a thing for older men. She told me boys her age are lame, and that she finds older men attractive and more interesting.

I asked her what age limit and she said she didn’t have one. So I asked (sarcastically) if she’d have sex with a 90 year old man and she said yes as long as he was handsome and could get it up!

I’m not sure what to do with this info. My daughter is eleven…

2 months ago

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    • I was 16 when I lost my virginity to a 46 year old guy he was well endowed and it hurt when he slid al the way inside my but he was very gentle and sweet he was a married guy and we had an affair for the next four year till he moved away his wife never knew since then I’m 43 married to a 48 year old cool guy because he lets me meet older guys over 60 to have sex with as he watch’s and masturbates and some times join in on the funny I love it

    • That Was hot! As an older guy, 63, i have always enjoyed younger women. They are so hungry for GOOD sex

    • Now my daughter wants me to take her somewhere like Vegas to help her find an older man to take her virginity…

    • That’s were my daughter and step daughter lost their virginity they were 18 and one guy was 47 and the other one was 49 then later that I invited both guy to join my wife and I we fuck her all night in all her holes god it was so damn good

    • Were you there when your daughters lost their virginity too?

    • Yes. Were you present? Did You participate?

    • I bet! My oldest stepdaughter invited her best friend over and those 2 girls gave me best bday ever!!

    • I live here😁

    • Want to chat

    • Anthonytaormina1959 gmail
      Email me anytime.😊

    • Still want to chat?

    • Anyone else like naughty stepdaughter porn?

    • My wife said she started fucking when she was in 6 grade, about 11 or 12, fucked one guy quite often he was about 40 , and well hung

    • My favorite porn😁

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