I get so hot when guys check out wife's crotch. Why?!

My wife - 27, blonde, 5'7", 136lbs - wears minis and short-shorts a lot. Great legs and cutest ass
The other day at a company picnic she was laying on a blanket listening to the music provided. She had on her little white walking shorts, her legs were spread slightly, bare feet swaying lightly up in the air behind her as she lay on her tum. I was sitting in a lawn chair behind her and I could see the crotch of her little yellow bikini panties, her shorts were pulled tightly up into her butt crack so there was the cutest bit of nice butt cheek on view as well.

There were a whole gang of males sitting directly behind me...and I know they were enjoying my little blondes' butt and crotch, too!

Her little show was so innocent...and so sexy because she was so unaware!!

Later she turned around to chat, and sat with her knees up facing me (and the guys behind me) Again, her shorts were slightly open at her thighs and there was her crotch pulled tight into her vagina and ass, yellow panties and butt cheeks on display!
Ah me! It was great. Then two of my co-workers joined me to chat with my cute wife.....enjoying her innocent crotch show as well! She sat like that for nearly an hour, until it was time to eat.
Why do I get sooo turned on when I see guys checking out the loveliness between her young legs when she wears shorts or her little bikini?!

Jan 19
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    • She once came down wearing a thin long night gown with three of my old Army buds in the living room.
      Her nipples were on full display - obviously she was cold or horny or both!
      My boldest friend asked if she had anything on under that outfit. She said, "Just my panties."
      He had been drinking heavily - so he said," take them off!"
      She stared at all of us for a long time - waiting for someone to say something.
      Then she slowly got off the couch, stood with her back to us, reached under and slid them off. She tossed them to me, I tossed them to him.....and he promptly put them to his face and smelled them! Then he put them into his jean pocket and said, "thanks honey - your husband will tell you that I've been after him to get me a pair of your panties - especially after you've worn them!"
      We all laughed - and she stayed horny all evening - then fucked me like a wild teen after they all went home! The thought of him smelling her panties just made her crazy horny - nd that now he had a trophy!
      She still gets horny when we think about that night.....and it was years ago!

    • If your wife is sexy, get use to guys checking her out just like you checkout their wives. Just be aware, given the opportunity, they would just love to bury their cocks deep inside her. I found in my wife’s purse, notes from a young married guy from her work. One said how hot she looks. He said even though he is married he has a very large cock and balls that don’t get enough service. He only imagines what it would be like to fuck her. It wasn’t like she went to her boss or HR, because they don’t exist. The fact she saved all his notes and drawings, she actually had more than one, tells me that sometime, she is going to come home from a meeting or girls night out, and he’s going to have used her. He drew her several pictures of his large cock and balls fucking her. He labeled it “Me”, “You”, “Big Cock” “Big Balls” as he bent her over into a doggie position. I think she probably looks at them while fingering her pussy. She will eventually give him complete access to ever inch of her body, he can say and do what ever he wants! She will wear whatever he wants. He’s going to use his lips, hands and thick cock to explore her body. He’s going to fuck her multiple times, deep inside her tight pussy, she is going to give him his best BJ in his life. He’s going to cum inside her mouth because she loves cum & swallows, especially his. When she is done worshiping his cock, she will milk it if every drop of cum and cover it with lipstick kisses. He will think about her every time he’s fucking his wife. She will have me go down on her, and I will taste his cum and know someone else cock has owned her. Eventually, he will move on.

    • I got news for you she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew they were looking at her pussy

    • ...which is even sexier, for me and for her - later that night!

    • Same. I keep wanting to show off pics of her and hear someone degrade her. Idk lol

    • Do you have pictures to share?

    • Let me lick it you probably get hornier

    • I enjoyed watching other men look between my wife's legs when we went to a nude beach. Knowing that they were looking at her cunt that only I had ever seen before made me really horny. After a couple of times, I invited three guys back to our apartment and watched as they fucked my wife. I loved watching them fuck her. I'm sure that you will love watching other men fuck your wife. Don't waste time, do it some.

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy

    • Oh I’d love to smell to little yellow panties after they were pulled up tight into her sweaty pussy …mmmm so good

    • Hell yes. Hot as hell when guys look at my wife’s crotch

    • Would you send me her wet cum soaked panties? I’d love to whiff her asshole too

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