Fucked my bestfriends gangster boyfriend

So I am a white girl, with a fat ass like it’s the main thing everyone always talks about when they notice me. I have green eyes an black hair. Alright long backstory short I ended up needing a place to stay for awhile an my friend an her sureno boyfriend offered me their place. My friend would work during the day an her boyfriend would sell drugs an I also did the same so we as friends would hustle together. He always would make slick comments on my ass , I would laugh it off. Over time of being around each other the sexual tension was so strong. I remember the waking up one morning an was in shorts with no panties an bending over to pick up something I dropped I felt a breeze an looked back to see his hard cock in his sweats just eye balling my little pink pussy , I wanted to spread my lips for him to see how wet that made me but I just bent over an gave a little peep, then went an got in the shower an let him hear me play with my pussy an moan gently. I got out an he was sweaty you could tell he was stroking his cock at the same time. I just smiled . One night his girlfriend was in the living room an I was in the room laying down on my stomach he came in an made a growling noise I laughed an said what he said nothing I looked back he was grabbing his cock, I said “oh yeah?” He said you wanna fuck?” I said yes an his face lit up an said “grab my cock if your serious “ I did. We quickly said we needed to run an went to the nearest dark parking lot an he pulled out his thick long brown shaft an my pussy started dripping, I hadn’t had real sex in 3 years an I was always used to vanilla sex with my basic white boy. He said “you like it ? “ I said yes an climed over straddling him while we both looked down an parted my little lips slowly sliding down his rock hard cock , it was so tight I could see an feel the grip I whimpered in pain hold on oso your too big he looked at me spit on my red stretched little hole an pushed it all the way in, I cried out in agonizing pleasure an squirted all over his shirt . I was so embarrassed an shocked I covered my face he then takes one hand under my fat ass an the other licks an gently starts rubbing my electricity feeling clit an says “mmm I always wanted to bust that little pussy open” lifting me up an down his cock as i am cumming “mmm daddy this is your pussy now “ he pulls me off an has me get out of the car an bend over he spreads my ass cheeks an licks my asshole an pussy “mmm your mine now you want it nice baby or you want daddy to break this pussy in” I said nice daddy please, he slides inside of me an slowly grinds his cock deep in my guts “you want me ti fill that pussy baby, mmmm “ I said “ no daddy! “ he said “oh yeah? An starts pounding my pussy hard an I start cumming an can feel him building up an he explodes deep in me an lift my body on his dick as deep as it goes an says “who’s pussy is this”.
The worst part is he went home an my friend sucked all my juices off his cock & I couldn’t help but get so wet.

I couldn’t walk my legs were shaking so crazy , I couldn’t wait to have him fuck me again. The next time was even better.

My friend went to work , an I got in the shower a was in a towel he pushed me on the bed spread my legs as he said “mmm can I eat your pretty pussy?” I said on her bed? He said of course he suckled on my little clit like so gently at first forcing my legs apart a forcing me into orgasm in less than 4 minutes all over her sheets .

2 months ago


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    • My BFF had a black boyfriend. While I didn't screw him, they introduced me to one of his friends. We had somewhat the same conversation about doing a black guy. He certainly was up for it and he was very experienced. He gave me multiple orgasms in a lot of different ways.

    • My first experience with a bbc was actually my friends bf also lol. But she let me fuck him. We was talking one day and black dick got brought up. I told her I have thought about trying it before just never have. She told me I really need to try it and said if I want to she can hook me up. I asked with who and she said her bf. I was like really, you want me to fuck your bf? She said yes, he’s got a big dick and I want you to experience a good one your first time and his is the best I’ve ever had. The next day she told me she told him about the situation and he was ready when I was. We was all 3 at her house and she told me to go in the room with him and fuck him. I went in the room and he said, I think I know why you’re here. I said oh yea? He said yea and pulled his big massive dick out and I was in shock. It was huge! He told me to grab it and do as I please. I jacked it some and sucked it and next thing you know he throws me on the bed rips my close off and I’m dripping wet by this point. He sticks it in and omg. We fucked for about 30min and I can’t tell you how many times I came. After we finished we walked out and my friend asked how did I like it. I told her it was great I want more. She said good, but now we gotta find you a man. You can’t fuck my bf all the time bc he’s mine lol but you can practice with him one more time but after that he’s off limits.

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