Does she want me to fuck her?

I’m divorced and my neighbor Tina frequently stops by for some seemingly made up reason. She always mentions her husband is working all the time and invites me to play tennis or ride bikes or go hiking. She asks very matter of factly and innocently, like her husband wouldn’t mind and it’s a just friends thing. I do know him and don’t need drama. I’m not really attracted to her, but there are some extenuating circumstances. I haven’t been laid in a while, she has a pussy, and I think she may be horny. What do I do?

2 months ago

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    • My guess is she wants your penis. I say go for it.

    • Ask her if she's flirting with you. It's really not that complicated. Do it in a playful, non-judgmental way. Put the ball in her court, and go from there.

      Don't expect her to say "oh my god yes fuck me!" But if that is her intention, her flirting will get more obvious. If it doesn't, don't ever being it up again.

    • Fuck her , always good to have some ads around

    • Open the door in a towel or boxers and let your dick fall out and see what she says or does

    • Oh I like that. I am able to see her coming from a distance so I’d have time to do that but make it look natural. Great idea. Thanks

    • If that doesn’t work you can email me and I will service you myself

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