I enjoy being raped

When I was a teen girl, I was raped by two of my male classmates. The problem is, I actually enjoyed it. After that incident, I would make sure I looked as sexy as possible around them. They both raped me a few times after that, and I enjoyed each time. Since becoming an adult, I've been participating in more reckless behavior to get myself raped. Wearing skimpy clothes, leaving my drink unattended at parties, accepting rides from men I don't know, etc. I'm 21, and since turning 18, I've been raped hundreds of times. I've been raped in very average "vanilla" ways, and I've been raped in ways that I was left bruised and bloody after. I enjoyed every single one. Here's the thing: I don't want regular careless sex. I want a man to take me and use me as he sees fit without taking "no" for an answer. I tried participating consensual non-consent, but it just wasn't the same because I know that I did consent and it isn't really rape. I know this is dangerous and could even get me killed, and I don't care. That actually adds to the excitement for me, not knowing what "encounter" will be my last. I try to be as safe as I can otherwise, getting myself checked regularly for STDs. However, within the couple months, I've found that another big turn on for me is rape in combination with pregnancy risk. I've stopped taking birth control and I really hope I get knocked up. I live in a state where abortion is basically banned too, so it's even more exciting. Casual hookups just aren't enough for me to get off anymore. I want my choice to be completely taken away.

2 months ago


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    • Rape is a way of telling a girl she's desirable.

    • My teenaged son often rapes me when we're alone together. Surprisingly, I almost always have a cum when he's fucking me. I seldom cum when his father fucks me, so I never report being raped.

    • Most women want this, but are afraid to admit it, especially do it.

    • I know. My son often visits his grandmother and rapes her. Mum has told me that, although she always resists my son's advances, she almost always cums off while he's raping her.

    • Another ‘raped but loved it’ story.

      These have overlapped the foot fetish and playing with shit topics.

    • After a couple months of mutual masturbation, I'd promised my best friend he could do anal on me for his birthday. I chickened out. He didn't and forcefully took it. I had an orgasm and felt shame from it. We were neighbors and friends forever... Parents too. Vacation together. I couldn't tell anyone. Couldn't remove myself from him. He forced me with the same result a few more times causing me to question my sexuality. I began submitting. Over time I began dating girls as did he but our sex never stopped. At 55, we still see each other just not as often. I've been married for 15 years. He is twice divorced. We've been in the lifestyle for 10 as a way to introduce my wife to me and my friend having sex. I was horrified when it started 41 years ago but the sex was so intense. I'm glad he did it. We are truly best friends again. The answer is no... I tried but can't get erect for him... I'm a bottom though he has managed to give me a few BJs successfully. Truth is my anal orgasm is so intense I don't even care.

    • Started on his 14 birthday.

    • I fantasize about being anally raped

    • So when I was 14 I was raped also. It was my aunts boyfriend and he told me to never tell anyone or he’d kill me and my family. I was so ashamed for a couple years but one day when I was 16 I was masturbating and something triggered me to remember that traumatic event and for some reason it got me more turned on. I remembered him holding me down and covering my mouth as he had his way with me. It got me super wet and I was thinking this isn’t right, but for some reason I like it. I started watching rape and unwilling porn and loved it more and more. Then I decided I wanted it to happen again, but from a different person. I started dressing slutty and would go with any guy anywhere hoping he would force his self. Well I was at a party and this one guy kept trying me and I said no but was drunk and he pulled me into a room and striped me down and I just let him have his way with me doing whatever he pleased. I loved it. So I started getting on a chat forum and telling guys where I would be at this time and I’d go and get raped and this happened more time than I can count.

    • What age are you now? How slutty do you dress?

    • I’m 23 now and still do that type of stuff but I don’t go out of my way trying anymore. If it happens it happens. And it just depends where I’m going or how hot it is outside. I’ll wear either booty shorts with my ass hanging out, low cut tank tops, skirts, leggings that are tight and has my pussy outline just things like that.

    • I love a woman in booty shorts! Do you ever wear short skirts without panties?x

    • Yes I do

    • Bet most everyone you know has seen your pussy at one point then?lolx

    • I’m not a tramp like your mum

    • Id marry you. How hot are you? Id love a sweet natured girl who enjoys constant sexual harassment and is always sexually open. A couple of kids out of you wouldnt go amiss either.Can you cook? If not, you can be trained.

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