Suspect Wife starts having sex with a guy

I strongly suspect my wife had osex with at least one online for a while. What are others opinions on it?

Actually I’m not really super jealous and care more how she acts towards me directly. So she had this lustful crush on another man, hey men and woman have basic desires what are you going to do? Below are some facts around this

First warning sign was that she got herpies 2. I was tested and did not. Long term relationship and she suddenly breaks out with some heavy type 2 herpes Then I saw on her iphone that she has been snap chatting this fairly good looking tall guy. I didn’t see what she was saying but saw devil (naughty) emojis and active emojis just before and after her herpies diagnosis. We were committed or Marie’s like 20 years so it’s very suspicious. Then I did see these big ck pics that were deleted that were next to a butt. Something happened to those pics so I could not go back and see if it was her butt. By matching his snap chat name and his emojis I found out who it was. Kind of a rich playboy type dude. Then looking at her sprint go app to see trips sometimes going to the place yhis guy hanged out as a second home. Then also I saw iPhone map searches for stores that again matching where his second house is location. Once I even typed a Hello on her snap chat to this guy and he sent back like a gps map location where he was. I also saw her googling for hotel locations

But it’s odd because other than this I don’t see her flirting or googling about other men. She does not have any online male friends she calls or friends on Facebook.

About the herpies All I hear on internet chats that oh you know she could of always had herpies 2 before going out with you and all this goodie two shoe popular comments. But I read in medical journals that you have about 5 percent chance of getting herpies for each sex encounter so if she had it like 20 years ago I would of surely gotten in and plus all the other things. It really looks like an extremely likely scenario. Probably curiosity and lust. After about 3 years I stopped seeing any other evidence of the affair. I suspect the lust thing wore or something

What do other people think?

2 months ago

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