Finally got to watch my wife have sex with her bull.

I had a heart attack 3 years ago and with that have ED. Wife has been sympathetic and tried numerous things but I could tell that she really wanted a hard cock. I told her that maybe she ought to go out and find someone, but she always said that it would be strange and she didn’t think she’d be comfortable.
I sort of dropped that line of conversation with her, even though I made it clear that I love her, didn’t think I’d get jealous and it was an incredibly erotic fantasy.
Well I’m back a work last 18 months and that has me away from home 5 days a week. So last weekend my wife says are you still interested in seeing me have sex with another man, well of course.
So she says here are the rules, please no talking or coaching, that’s just gross. Please sit in your chair and don’t join in, please stay dress and don’t play with yourself and if and when I ask you to leave, please go in another room. I asked where all this came from and she told me that I said to find someone and she did and she’d been fucking this guy for about 6 months and finally asked him if he do her with me watching and these were the things they agreed on. So what was I supposed to do, I agreed.
That evening he came over, he was probably was only 25, my wife is 58. He was a foot taller than her and I must admit he well built. Wife told me to go to the bedroom and sit in the chair as they were going to have a few drinks and wanted to talk a bit.
I found out that he was a bit nervous and wife wanted to reassure him and fortify herself too. They showed up in the bedroom about 30 minutes later half undressed and flopped on the bed. They engaged in some really hot foreplay and oral satisfaction. Then there was more kissing and he penetrated her missionary, I don’t know if she planned it but in the beginning she angled so I had a great view of his cock pumping in her and her grinding back. I guessed they fucked for about 15 minutes, she must have cum at least once before he came in her and she certainly came with him. They were kissing and exploring each other and I honestly think that they forgot about me. Well the wife went down on him and got him hard and he mounted her doggy (her favorite position) fucked that way then switched to her on top (never did that with me) after a few more position changes he finished missionary her legs wrapped around him stabbing strokes.
Well they lay there for a bit and she looked over at me and said isn’t it about time you went to your man cave so I left. I lingered by the closed door listening to their love talk. I don’t know if they fucked anymore that night but they were together 5 more hours before he left. She walked to the door in her see-thru gown I could hear them kissing at the door, and then she stopped by my cave and asked me if it was what I expected.
I told her it was quite something and wanted to talk about it but she said she was tired and wanted to go to bed.

2 months ago

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    • I guess I'm not cutout to be a cuckold. I'm 60 and had open heart surgery and the beta blockers do screw with your dick, but I use Fenugreek and L-Arginine to counter act and it has helped. Still can't wait to get off the blockers though. But, if I was in your shoes:
      1. You're working to support her after a heart attack!
      2. You're letting them fuck!
      3. She didn't tell you what she was up to until 6 months in??
      4. They are dictating terms to you?? (See 1 and 2 again)
      5. The two things I would really reject is not being able to touch myself while watching them and leaving the room when I'm told!
      Why shouldn't you get off if they are getting off??
      What are you saying to him afterwards that I don't need to hear? Especially for 5 hours!! Are you plotting my demise for the insurance money?? Telling him you love him and promising to be his sugar momma with my money??
      Good luck to you though, I hope I don't hear your story on the Investigation Discovery network!!

    • That's a beautiful start.
      My wife sits on my face afterwards.

    • Mine too! Always feeds me the reward

    • I love eating my wife’s cream pie when her bull cums inside her pussy or ass

    • Yes the best!!!

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