Necked and petted, came~! with BIL

My husband told me to have a good time - "maybe flirt a little and come home and tell me about it. Maybe give a couple panty flashes, too?!"
I was heading out on a very rare "girl's night out" with two friends from work.
I was wearing a simple blouse and midthigh khaki skirt with a slit that my husband really likes!
Anyway - after an evening sharing a booth and several wine-coolers with my two friends...I was feeling pretty good. There were 3 nice looking suits sitting at the bar that looked "interesting." I knew my husband would ask - and I would tease him with this - "Yeah, OK, there were a couple of guys at the bar who looked like they'd be nice to fuck!" (I never use the F word - so that would also be a big turn-on for him!)
I did give them a lot of thigh when I slid out to use the ladies room a few times. And, I was pretty sure ....some friendly glimpses of the crotch of my yellow bikini panties! instructed by my husband.
So, I look up and there comes my younger sister's husband , grinning at me from across the room. "Oh geez - this guy has been hitting on me for years"- and my sister doesn't see it....or doesn't think it's a problem.
He's OK looking - but keeping his hands off of me is always a problem.
He slides into the booth with my 2 friends...makes a bunch of dumb jokes, etc. They think he's cute.
Now getting late - they say good night and leave me alone with this character.
I'm trying to have "fun" with the guys at the bar - so I'll have a nice story for my husband when I get home. Then we'll have really hot great sex!!....because this flirting - short-skirting thigh-flashing panty-peeks is a real turn-on for me too! (but I'll never admit it!)
Anyway - my BIL keeps buying me drinks - maybe just 2 more - but 'enough'! to .....well, I'm letting this skirt get pretty far up my thighs for that appreciative audience over there - as I scoot my bum around in this booth.
Then I notice that the guys at the bar are smiling big time....and I glance and see that my skirt is very high up my thighs....and that my pantied crotch is on display. About this time I notice that my BIL squished next to me is looking down there, too!
I said, "Barry!, are you looking at my panties!?"
He said, "Yep, I sure am!"
I started to wiggle my butt and pull at my skirt ....and he put his hand on my arm and sad, "No Cathy, come on honey ...please? we're all enjoying the view so so much! Don't spoil it for us? Your legs are fabulous!"
Now his warm hand is on my thigh, between my slightly parted legs.....and messaging my flesh and sliding 'north' to that happy place for men! Oh Geez,,, he's lightly sliding fingers over the crotch of my bikinis! And now he's pushing ever so gently on my panel down there and asking my legs to open with his fingers. I turn to say something - to protest that he is my sister's husband! - but he puts his mouth on mine. In goes his tongue, and "in" he tries with his finger. But my panties stop him ....and save me the embarrassment of my dried cunt smells going home to my sister's bed! Hours of exposing myself and imagining things has me at a very warm boil, sexually. I won't be able to take much more, before....
....His tongue!, He rubs, I moan, he tongues, he is circling my clit! and I suck his tongue - hard....and hard!....and he gentles my clit....and oh dear hell....I'm cumming! and clamping his hand in my hot moist thigh vice, and trying to quell my hips from bucking for all the men in the bar to see! "She's cumming!"
She just got fingered to an orgasm right there in front of all of us men!
They all knew!
I came.
And they all knew!
Barry wanted my panties. "Ah no, jerk!"
Like no way he's going to be walking around with my wet panties like some kind of sex trophy! What if my sister found them?! I'm not going to slide them off in this booth with those guys watching and smiling, leering.
I took his wrist and removed his hand from my pussy, gave him a sweet sisterly kiss, slid out of the booth, made NO eye contact with those cute suits at the bar - and hoped the hell they weren't going to start clapping at the show I just put on.
Yeah - no, hubby didn't need every last detail of my sexy night - "I flirted, guys got a nice panty look, lotta thighs, a guy let me know he wanted to feel me up, etc., etc."
That was plenty enough for hubby to fuck me silly/sore! I loved the whole evening!

3 months ago

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    • Women flirting, panty flashing and getting a little bit felt up before going home to hubby is really a turn on. It is probably a whole lot more realistic, too.
      Thanks for sharing this!
      Wonder how many husbands will beat-off to this - imagining, wondering , if this was their wife!

    • You are a Hot Wife. Husband is a lucky fucker!

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