Friends wife showing pussy

I spend a lot of time at my friend and his wife's home. She is absolutely beautiful. Just to keep it short, basically she caught me looking at her legs one day. She looked at me and smiled, opening her legs very slightly, teasing me.
I was transfixed and she knew it. She slowly let her summer dress ride higher and higher as we spoke, her husband had no idea what was going on, and because he was sitting beside her with me opposite I had the prefect view as she finally revealed her white cotton panties.
I nearly shot my load as she stared at me and brought one knee up to her chin displaying her gusset and outline of her plump pussy lips.
Every time I go round now we always sit on the same seats and she always wears short or loose skirts and makes sure I get to see her panties.
I last time we went to the loo and returned without her panties and smiled as I sat open mouthed and savoured her naughty pussy'
After a while I went to the loo and stole her panties after giving them a good licking, yes they we're staind and wet mmm.
WE've never said a word to each other about what we do, but we both know I'm going to fuck her soon

1 month ago

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    • I was at a friend's house, and I caught a couple of glances of his wife. she was wearing a really short skirt and I was thinking to myself I don't think she is wearing panties. We were drinking and a little reefer and her husband passes out. well, she sits across me and sort of put one leg up so i get this great beaver shot. I tried to be a gentleman and casually mention that she didn't have any panties on. she says wow it certainly took you a long time to notice, what are you going to do about it ?
      Went into the bedroom and left 3 hours later and I have never had sex that good since

    • I bet he knows. When I first got with my wife, we were 24, and one night we were going to the pub in summer with 4 of my male friends. I asked her to wear the shortest skirt she owned, and a silky red gstring underneath. One of my friends (Dave) had told someone how hot my wife was, so I told her to sit opposite him and keep her legs slightly parted and not crossed. I knew he’d look, and I knew she’d like being lusted after. On the way home, I asked her if he’d been looking and she said he hadn’t taken his eyes off her crotch all night. I had sex with her on the way in an alley way, gstring just pulled across, and came in her with no protection.

      I then texted Dave to tell him I’d fucked her on the way home. It turned her on so much that he was sat at home wanking while she was getting fucked in an alley way.

    • First met my wife we I went to a party with her friends. I didn't know anybody there.
      In my car after we left she asked if I had a good time.
      I said well, it was kinda boring not knowing anyone - but I did have fun for about 20 minutes.
      "What happened for those 20 minutes", she asked.
      "Who was the girl wearing the navy mini-skirt?", I asked.
      ""Why?" she said.
      "Well - it was kinda sexy - that girl, she had to be a teenager? - was sitting so that I was looking at the crotch of her yellow panties for like 20 minutes!"
      "Yeah, so?"
      "And when she was messing around with her buddy next to her - her skirt slid way up....and I saw enough fur escaping the edges of her panties to know that she is not a natural blonde!"
      She didn't say anything for a long time, just looked out the car window.
      "What?", I said, "Mad at me for looking? - hell, any guy would have looked up her skirt - the way that girl was sitting in such a short skirt!"
      Still looking out the window on her side, she said, "That crotch you were leering at belongs to my little sister, and yeah - she's a teenager!"
      "How old?"
      "Geez, with that bod she's going to be very popular!"
      "Stop it, you perv!"....but she laughed.

    • I don't mind showing off my panties parting my thighs a bit through my short skirt to guys/friends whom I have some liking.

    • Nice friend you are

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