Wife made these comments when having sex with her

I have been married 1 year. Believe it or not we did not have sex before we got married. These are some of the strange things my wife had said to me during foreplay and having sex. One time she was giving me a hand job and I asked her to play with my, balls. She started to but was feeling them with her hand. Then she says to me are you sure you have two balls? I told her yes one here and one there than she said it feels like you only have one ball and said I don't know. Is she comparing me to someone? Another time again she was giving me a hand job and when I was Cumming, she said that's all some guys cum a lot. Another time when I was having sex with her, I was on top she commented I don't feel anything I asked her what she was talking about. She said my balls don't hang low enough to slap her ass I like floppy balls. Another time when watching a porn movie, the guy in the moving had big low hanging balls and they were slapping against his girlfriend. You could hear the slapping, my wife commented that's what I like. My wife was married before me and had a few other boyfriends that she had sex with. Does her comments mean the guys had bigger balls than mine and she had her ass slapped big sets of balls before we got married. My balls are small and don't hang low. They are tight. Why would she like that sort of feeling anyway. What does her comments mean. I am mixed up if she is just saying this or is it for real, what do you think? Thanks.

2 months ago

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    • You poor cunt

    • Why didn't you have sex before getting married? At 1st I thought she must have been saving it for marriage, but then you said she'd been married before. She is obviously comparing you to her other lovers. You need to figure out if they stopped when you got married

    • I don't think she would go behind my back but since she acts like she misses guys with big balls slapping against her it has me thinking. I don't see why she would like that feeling anyway. Does anyone no the answer?

    • I have huge balls. Where are you located.

    • Orange Beach Al

    • Your lucky you have big balls. I am not sure if they hang very low mine just hang 3 inches and are two small for ass slapping and to make the slapping sound. Not good.

    • They hang low. An ex-gf was obsessed with them and would fuck me 4 times a day. Divorcees are great!

    • My left ball is 1 1/4 inches and my right balls is 1 3/4 inches. Do you think these are too small for ass slapping like she said.

    • I’m in Atlanta

    • Get really hot doing some yard work or something - the hotter your body is the further away your balls will hang from your body. It is the body's way to maintain the proper temp of your balls. When they're hanging low - throw the cunt on the bed and fuck her until she yelps! Your balls will be slapping her butt hole just the way she likes.

    • Means exactly what she saying you got dice balls . When I'm doing my wife doggie she always says slap them balls baby. As they swing hitting her

    • Your lucky you have what my wife likes.

    • I need her to check my balls and suck my cock while she’s down there

    • She is a “scrotum queen”. Scientific name; Testemaniac.

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