Is it wrong that I allow my son to masturbate to my breasts?

The last 2 months or so I’ve allowed my son to masturbate to me while I have my breasts out. Just before that I caught him spying on me and when I approached him he admitted he’s always been curious about my breasts. I didn’t think much of it but I pulled them out and showed him. (Kind of a what these they’re nothing special) but apparently he loved them. Shortly after he started rubbing his self and pulled his penis out. I just let him be a teenager and he masturbated to me and my naked breasts. Fast forward to now He’s to the point where he asks me to come to his room. As a mother I of course help him. Just curious on everyone’s thoughts? I really do enjoy it Becuase it makes me feel attractive but it is my son. I don’t know it doesn’t feel wrong to me.

2 months ago

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    • Lady you need to get your boy to a psychiatrist right away and you know that you really need to find you a man and have him alleviate the sexual frustration and tension you have built up and let him masturbate on your breasts

    • Its not wrong if you both want it, take the plunge you want your son inside you, get on with it but go on the pill

    • Take his cock into you, start with your mouth. I've been fucking my mom for over two years and I pump cum into her mouth, pussy and ass at least twice a week.

    • I wish I was your son I'd already be playing with your dirty panties mom I'd be eating a pussy wanting to kiss you heavy spent my mouth and drink your pee and mom like you would drive me crazy because I love you so much unless you oh my gosh so horny

    • You’re not wrong it’s natural. I let my son jack off on my panties and when he’s ready I’ll let him fuck me.

    • Ca I be your son

    • I wish I could’ve had you as a mom. I was always spying on her and jerking off thinking of her. I knew where she kept her dildos and I’d go lick her pussy juice off of them. Fuck the boy already!

    • Ok I'm gonna tell you honestly it is wrong,on the other hand my dad fucked my mouth once and I gotta admit I jack of thinking about it

    • I personally don’t see a problem. I’m a mother myself I’m 49 and my son is 24. I’d say since around him being 17-18 We’ve been close and open. I still to this day walk around naked in front of him. A few times while having drinks it almost got crazy. Ive masturbated him a few times but for the most part he gets off just staring at me. I never cared or had a problem with it. Swell sometimes he asks me to suck on his penis and I just can’t come to that. But I don’t see me stopping being nude and helping him masturbate anytime soon.

    • Love this

    • Just suck him off already! He’s over 18 there’s nothing illegal about it at this point. He could fuck you every which way and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. You just can’t legally get married to him. Fuck him all you want girl!

    • Sounds like you two have a beautiful and mature relationship and you've established some boundaries. Do you guys ever kiss/make-out?

    • Omg I love that my mom would pick me up from school when Id get a boner and I'd have blue balls and she'd stroke it on the way home and make me hold my cum until my dad came home and shed make me cum in her asscheeks never inside so that when he fucked her he thought it was her pussy being wet

    • Try jacking out his semen into your mouth. This will likely cause you to realize a proper blowjob is quite appropriate. A lucky guy.

    • Yes you really need to try it for him and yourself

    • Let a group of his friends join in

    • I couldn't get that lucky, mom knew I spied on her in the bathroom while she would take baths and dress due to the holes I put in the wall I could see every inch of her in the bathtub. She would look straight at the hole like she was looking at me spend lots of time washing her 36DD boobs getting the nipples hard. Best was when she shaved her puss and then play with her swollen clit. I miss her and her lingerie, if she couldn't find a bra or panties she would come to my room looking for them always says she figured she would have this with my older sister not son. Eventually she gave up and l would wear her stuff whenever. Greatest feeling to be in her garter belt stockings bra while watching her in the bathtub until I decided to accidentally walk in while she was in there wearing it then it moved to a new level

    • Give him a pair of your panties that are still damp ,maybe after you worked out in them,and let him smell them and beat off as you finger yourself in front of him.Or let him smell your muffin while he pumps his cock. Talk to him and encourage him to feel the pleasure as his semen builds up and when you know he can't take anymore,urge him to cum hard. You will be amazed at the volume and force of sperm he will shoot at that age.

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy secretions

    • I love my sister's sweaty voley ball pants and her socks

    • You should masturbate him and train him to hold back his load. Stroke his shaft and massage his balls. As his nuts tighten and pressure to shoot builds up,stop pumping him and teach h to hold back ejaculation. He will thanp you for the training later in life when he starts dating girls and he will be able to please women better.

    • Let him play with or suck on your tits while he is jacking off, and the ideal thing would be for him to cum on your tits, you could even lick the cum off,

    • Most all boys love tits, their mothers or anyone else I'm an old man now but it seems like yesterday when I would get a hard on when I would get a glimpse of mama's big tits, she liked for me to see them and I always liked for her to catch me masturbating, I would not stop and if she stood there long enough I would shoot off, usually a good distance, she would just smile, she enjoyed seeing that.

    • He might regret this later and might go away from you to forget it. Stop it and help him in other ways like getting a girlfriend.

    • It's not wrong. I would let him see all of you. My wife and I have masturbated with our children. She showed our daughter and I showed our son.

    • That’s fucked

    • Why?

    • Because I wasn’t there to assist.

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