I love to piss in bed

I am a heterosexual older male and I love to piss in bed. I put on a pair of briefs and masturbate in them until I feel horny enough to want to pee in them. Then I push out a small amount of piss, to wet the front of my briefs while I lie on my back in bed. After a short while I push out as much piss as I can, so my briefs are completely soaked. It is deeply satisfying to feel the warm piss flowing over my hips and wetting the underside of my briefs thoroughly. I lie in the wet, and when I feel it starting to dry a bit, I piss some more to wet the bed and my briefs again.

1 month ago

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    • I am a 65 year old married guy who has eaten a lot of pussy and sucked a lot of cock through the years. Quite a few of the women I have licked to orgasm have farted while cumming (and so happy that none ever defecated!) and a few have even started peeing while cumming. They were embarrassed because they started to pee in my mouth while cumming but I enjoy pee play so that was actually added pleasure for me. I take that as a compliment to my oral ability to please a woman to the point where she loses control. A few of the guys I sucked also farted while cumming. Wasn't a real bother but I did not consider it a compliment either. How many girls out there fart and pee during orgasm?

    • My wife farts and pisses on my on my cock when she starts cumin my friend was hammering her pussy and she started farting and pissing for him while she was squirting cum also

    • You don’t have a cock.

    • No I don’t have a cock right now it’s still sore from last night where I fucked your bitch ass all night long as you begged me to let you eat my cum and clean my cock fresh out of your asshole

    • So you admit that you don’t have a cock. The only time you have a cock is when your mouth and/or asshole has a cock in it.
      Those herpes sores around your mouth prove you love ATM action and the only reason you have a goatee is to hide the stretch marks around your mouth.

    • Hott

    • We had been married a while now I think we had done most normal things , But I don't know why I wanted to see my wife piss , Bringing this up I found very difficult this went on for some time , Then we had been out for a few drinks one night my wife wanted a wee she said she was feeling really desperate , There was a little wooded area I said go there so she ran into the bushes I followed her , She took her knickers off crouched down with her skirt pulled up then noticed I was standing there , She said go away I don't want you watching me but I stood there ,My wife said fuck it I got to go then started pissing to me it was a vision , When she had finished she said enjoy that did you thanks for the privacy , She wiped herself with her knickers then asked for her hand bag she was going to put them in the bag , I grabbed them I don't know why then put them to my face my wife looked horrified , I hung them on a branch over hanging the path I said let someone else enjoy them my wife said don't be stupid who would want them , I said ok lets hide in the woods and watch see what happens , We never had to wait long this young trendy sort of a lad walked passed them looking at them , Then he stopped came back took them off the branch examined them then sniffed them he done this a few times then put them in his pocket then left , My wife was shocked but horny I said those knickers was up your crutch now he will have his nose in your crutch wanking over your odour , My wife needed to wee again she said it's ok you can watch she crouched down I said stand up and do it , She stood up pulled her skirt up opened her legs and was trying to piss but she could not go ,I knelt down buried my face in her crutch she was rubbing her cunt in my face this went on for a while , Then she said I can go now I looked at her face she was trying , I was getting excited I said I need fluid she looked at me and said here's something to get on with she spitted on my face

    • My favorite thing is when my husband has his friend over to watch the game we all drink a lot of beer I get into the bed naked and they all piss on me and jerk off and cum on my naked body it’s so fucking hot then they fuck me for hours

    • Hot baby

    • I hope you love to lie on sheets wet with piss as much as I do, and then piss on them more when you feel the need! You must let them lick your clit and piss in your ass, and double penetrate you! You sound like a really hot wife and an excellent fuck!

    • I do carry the hot wife title I also enjoy anal and double penetration I would like you to fuck me their’s nothing better than a new cock I’ve never had and I also do pee play with women and have great sex with them also I love to rim some ass and eat that pussy

    • Would you like me to be your Cock Daddy? I want to do pee play with you! But please tell me a bit about yourself - - how old are you, what is your bra size, do you have a big bush, what colour is your bush, how many fingers can you fit in your pussy? Once I know these things I will be able to tell what pee play I would like best and how I want to fuck you!

    • I'm not sure why, but I really love getting pissed on by women. I think it started when I was a little boy, about five years old. My older sister and her friends were always picking on me and bullying me. One day they knocked me down on the ground and one of them, Judy, straddled me, hiked up her dress and pulled her panties to the side, and started pissing all over me, calling me a little pissy baby. My sister and her other friend both started laughing, and then they took turns dropping their drawers and pissing on me. I was soaked from head to toe with urine, and after my sisters friends left my sister hosed me off with the garden hose and told me not to tell. I didn't understand it, at that age, I was to young to know about sex, but I really liked watching them piss on me. They did that to me a few times after that, and when I got a few years older, Judy taught me about sex, and we both were into peeing on each other. As I got into high school, I only dated girls that were into golden showers. Even if she doesn't piss on me, it is a great turn on just watching a woman urinate. Now I'm happily married. My wife doesn't let me pee on her, but she lets me watch her urinate whenever I want, and once or twice a week she will drink a few beers and hose me down really good.

    • Better to be pissed on than pissed off!

    • Fuck off!

    • I’m 46 years old Bra size 44 DD I do have a big brunette bush I can get two fingers in my pussy and three after I play a little I love anal and I do swallow cum an pee I love for guys to cream pie my pussy and my ass i only like guys to pee in my ass or mouth not my pussy my husband is very Bi and cuckold if you are into that would like to hear more from you I like Cock Daddy that’s hot makes me feel more like hot wife

    • I have just pissed in my briefs in bed! I emptied my bladder into my briefs, which are soaked thru, and I am lying in my wet briefs on the wet sheet! Fuck, I am so excited to be covered in piss! I will tell you shortly what I want to do with you. I want to masturbate first!!

    • I am 65 years old and married, and my cock is circumcised. I want to be your Cock Daddy and I want you to be my Piss Mommy! I want to put my cock in your cunt and fuck you while you piss on my cock! I want your piss on my cock shaft, my balls and my public hair! Fuck me! Fuck me! I want to be fucked by you! Fuck me, and piss on me, Piss Mommy! Your Cock Daddy wants your piss and your wet pussy!

    • Pubic hair! Damn predictive text! 🙄😋

    • When I meet you, I want to give you a big hug, and put my tongue in your mouth for our first kiss. While we are kissing and holding each other tight, I want to make a huge piss in my jeans so that I wet both of us thru our clothes! Then I want you to take off all your clothes except your panties and to sit on my face and piss in your panties so that I can drink some piss thru your panties. Then I want to take your panties off and lick all the piss off your bush, your pussy and your clit! I want to put my whole tongue into your vagina and lick your pussy walls! Then I want to stand behind you and fondle your breasts while I insert my hard cock into your pussy, rear entry, for our first fuck! Do you want these things from your Cock Daddy? Will you be my Piss Mommy? Tell me what will excite you the most!

    • Sounds great

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