Butt play

I've always enjoyed putting things in my butt. I can remember being a very little kid and putting the barrel of a toy tank in my butt. Over the years I used different things and eventually started using my wife's vibrators. She knew but never really had much interest in joining. Over time she expressed a little desire to join me and of course I obliged. She used her fingers and some toys. Lately, she has been going all out and pegging me with a strap on. She's gotten very interested in prostate stimulation so who knows where we'll end up. I would love for her to give me a hands free orgasm.

1 month ago

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    • My wife and I have been doing that for 20+ years, never gets old

    • Have you cum from your prostate?

    • No would like to try

    • Can I fuck her while she fucks you and then I’ll be glad to fuck you also

    • Actually, we have talked about threesomes and I wouldn't mind screwing a guy while he screws her. She wants to give head while I'm inside her.

    • I’m up for it I would be honored to join in a threesome and screw her while you screw me and the head job would be the icing on the cake

    • Nice and I want to join the party and get a cock in everyone's ass and fuck the shit out of each other. I had a dream

    • A wet dream because you don’t even have a cock.

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